Favorites at Trader Joe's?


Pancake Bread. Doesn’t really taste like pancakes unless you heat it up and eat it with some butter. It’s pretty damn delicious that way, imo.


I was super skeptical, but it was really good. Moist and buttery. Even a couple of days after. Someone coated it in french toast mix and fried it in butter… Ridiculous…


They were sampling that recently with maple syrup and a couple of blueberries. I was surprised just how good it was. And she was saying that she cuts in three or four pieces and freezes and her husband just grabs one.


Maybe I’d like the Pancake Bread better doctored up, but I sampled it room temp and plain, and it tasted like pound cake or a less exciting version of coffee cake. If I didn’t know it was supposed to taste like pancakes, I never would have made the association.


Yeah, that’s the main complaint. But in general for Supermarket loaf cake, it’s got great texture and good taste.


Agreed, which is why I like it hot and doused with some good European salted butter. My SO added maple syrup and he said that was good, too.

I keep seeing people say that they made French toast with it, but it just seems way too crumbly for me to even attempt that.


A few nights ago, we shared one. We weren’t all that hungry and it was plenty. We intend to keep them on hand.


Comparing the new-to-me $6 Fortune Cove with the $7 reigning champion Picton Bay, the FC is good but I like the PB enough more to pay the extra buck. I find it kind of nuts that they have so many brands of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.


Thanks for turning me on to the Picton Bay. My wife is a Marlborough SV fanatic, and this is what we’re drinking most of the time now.


Good to know. We like SV also.