Felix - Venice


Maybe; I walked by Sunday around 6 and it was completely jammed. 50/50.


There is a communal table and a couple small tables in the bar area that might fit 3 people.


Popped in again last night.

The warm service is really incredible at this place. Possibly the best service in LA outside of places like Providence, N/Naka, etc… ? Pretty cool, since they are getting tipped automatically. The servers are also quite knowledgeable about the wines and the food, to a seemingly deeper level than other spots. Reminds me of what @DTLAeater was saying in a different post.

They started us off with free glasses of wine while our bottle of Calabretta ‘Cala Cala’ Etna Rosso chilled.

That just seemed like the kind of thing virtually nowhere else in LA would do. Extremely impressive.

The Diavola Pizza was exceptional to me. This is my favorite tomato sauce on pizzas anywhere in LA. Everything about the pizza was quantified simple pleasure; the smoky, chewy fior di latte, the fatty spice from the salami and chili oil, the bracing hit of fresh basil, and a perfectly tart, slightly sweet tomato sauce over the lovely crust, charred and chewy in all the right ways. As our server, who lived in Italy, discussed, their starter is only 2 years old versus 100 years old, so the crust lacks the distinctive funk or character of what you might have in Italy, it hues exceptionally close in every other way. I stick with my opinion that the pie reminds me of the pizzas I had in Rome; those looking for Neopolitan pies in a strict sense might be disappointed, even compared to American operations such as Una Pizza Napoletana in SF. Still, instantly might be close to my favorite pizza in LA.

Strascinati di farina nera alla Puttanesca was excellent, of course. The black wheat flour gave the thick pasta a distinctive flavor, a sort of malt-y grain essence that permeated the palate. The puttanesca again felt like something right out of Italy. The olives were cut thick, and provided an aggressive flavor as well as interesting textural contrast to the pasta. The sauce had a truly assertive amount of garlic, and a very healthy punch of chili flakes. The base malt of the pasta worked really well with the intense sauce. I found it highly compelling; being able to notice and taste each individual component clearly, yet also have it coalesce into something “more” feels remarkably Italian to me, and this epitomized that.

Finished with their Budino. This is absolutely better than Mozza’s version; more balanced, better texture, lighter yet sings with flavor and better use of nuts. This is the kind of dish one presumes they are sprinkling with crack…

They also make their own Felix Grappa. It’s a pretty good grappa, and nice for digestive purposes! Really grassy and viscous. Eventually they might serve their own limoncello as well, although currently they are only using it in their cocktails.

It is incredibly enjoyable to continue finding new things to love at Felix.


Loved that one too.


Thinking back on it, I’m like 90% sure you were there last night right?


Wow! Feliz was Delicious!!! Went last night by myself and had a lovely 2 hours of dining, starting with the Porri Bruciati which was ok, but the Diavola pizza, was truly scrumptious, and then I moved on to La pasta del Nord pappardelle, which was fantastic, and then finished with the olive oil cake with a lemon like curd was yummy ! Cant wait to go back… The service was so comfortable and sweet. I truly enjoyed myself!


Sadly, no.
But the crowd really is so fucking hot, I see why you may have made the mistake :slight_smile:


Hmm, yeah, do you have a brother? lol

Definitely someone that resembled you unusually well. But it is true that the particular glasses were not present, hence my 90% guess :stuck_out_tongue:


That olive oil cake with the lemon curd does look really good.


If we could only have this @Aesthete all the time. Oh sigh.


My brother has a lot more hair and only eats at Applebee’s.


Bizarro BobCiao…


Saving money on haircuts bro. Maybe that’s why he eats at Applebee’s. :joy: LOLs the hair-challenged emoticon.


fiori di zucca - squash blossoms, fior di latte, green garlic
The oil must not have been hot enough, these were greasier than normal but still very good.

carciofi alla giudia - fried artichokes
Unfortunately the oil still wasn’t at the proper temperature and these chokes had so much grease, john travolta started auditioning for the role.

burrata, peaches, mint, olive oil, aged balsamic
Highlight of the night, tasted like a delicous savory peaches and cream. perfect balance of flavors and textures, so good. @Chowseeker1999 get this if it’s on the menu, they were going fast and sold out in under an hour.

diavola - pomodoro, smoked fior di latte, salame napoletano
Loved this pizza, sauce was super fresh and bright and the salame balanced it out with a bit of heat**

bigoli - duck ragu, piave vecchio
Very good chewy hollow spaghetti with tender duck meat.

orecchiette - sausage sugo, broccoli di cicco, peperoncino, pecorino
Still my favorite out of the pastas

gnocchetti riposo - oxtail ragu, smoked fior di latte
Nice and fatty oxtail, solid.

budino di nocino - whipped cream, walnut croccante
Still great


Nice @PorkyBelly. Thanks for the heads up. Just by pics I can see the frying was off tonight. Those Artichokes looked really bad. :frowning:

But it sounds like their new pasta is successful and I love their Orecchiette Sausage Sugo as well. :slight_smile: It sounds like he’s rotated the Sugo back to the Orecchiette tonight.


Everything looks great.

Too bad about the fried stuff. We thought his Squash Blossoms at Rustic Canyon were perfection… although he graciously gave credit to my young cousin who was working for him at the time.

I :heart: Peaches and Balsamic.


It’s easier to walk in without a reservation now, especially if you go before 6:30 on a weekday. Mondays are very quiet.




Would it be silly to order 90% pasta + 10% budino?


Had a wonderful dinner at Felix with my brother’s family last Thursday night. Five of us. Foccachio a crispy-edged, light start. Squash blossoms a crispy treat. Meatballs unusual crusty green-sauced – two of us ate most. Radicchio salad a big hit. Crudo of shrimp under a beautiful mosaic of small cucumber rounds pretty but a disappointment. After a clearing of plates and a nicely timed lull came the pastas – four, one from each region. Fantastic, really fun. My favorite was the orrechietti with spicy sausage. Others preferred the amazingly long, supple torn pasta. Also enjoyed the small squiggly pasta in the cream and porcini sauce and the tubes. Portions of pasta were slightly larger than I expected. Side of broccolini unfortunately got lost among all of the passing plates. Sampled all three desserts – the crostada, my favorite, the budino (doesn’t compare to gjelina’s), and the tiramisu – good but nothing memorable.

Reading back, my descriptions don’t give the place enough credit. Attitude of all of the FOH people was happy, even celebratory, and Evan Funke was outside of the kitchen at the pass and very accessible. Good vibes and teamwork. All of that with two bottles of wine, one white and one red, $70+/pp incl. tax, 3% healthcare, and tip.

(Mochi – Not at all silly to focus on the pastas.)