Food I Ate as a Child That I'm Pretty Sure My Friends Didn't


Well, it’s definitely a spread (a salty one), definitely would not hold-up as a croquette. I think this is a food product best kept as a childhood memory.

Super cute packaging though!


Are you sure this is not dog food ?


I know, right?


Deviled ham sandwiches on buttered bread were a staple in my childhood. I was so jealous of my friends that got mayo on their sandwiches.


Reminds me to get some Mary Kitchen/Libby’s/whatever it’s called now roast beef hash.


It was my brother’s favorite breakfast. Pan fried with an egg on top. Talk about dog food…


All this talk is making me crave a salad.


It’s funny, because when I worked at Hamburger Hamlet back in college they made everything from scratch but served that hash.


I can believe it. It’s hard to think about corned beef hash without thinking of that can.


Thank goodness for Joy of Cooking and Julia Child.

I must say, this was all during my mom’s Betty Draper phase. When they started burning their bras and meditating it was tofu, alfalfa sprouts and wheat berry bread.



I’ve actually never had tuna noodle casserole. I feel like I’m missing out on something rather important.




It’s really just a comfort food but one that makes me happy,


I’m not going to knock it until I’ve tried it. I like tuna. I like noodles. And they work well together.


I loved tuna noodle casserole as a kid. The version my family made had crumbled potato chips on top. The perfect crunchy, salty finish.


Never had it either.

Didn’t know about Tuna Helper!!

I know it’s not saying much but I think Hamburger Helper is one of the greatest packaged comfort food up there with Japanese curry you get at Mitsuwa.

My mom used to really doctorate it up with Hamburger Helper, added in aromatics and veggies.






I make my matzo brie w/ salt (I’m not a fan of black pepper) and top w/ sour cream. If I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll brown some onions first and toss those in while scrambling the matzo.

I completely dislike sweet French toast or pancakes—no maple syrup, powdered sugar, preserves or fresh fruit (unless I have fresh wild blueberries). I eat my French toast and pancakes with butter only (salt added to egg mixture before cooking). savory is my way to go!

(I once added a couple of garlic cloves to my French toast soaking liquid and my ex had an absolute meltdown after taking the first bite. I believe it took a couple of years for the “horror” to die down. I thought it tasted pretty good :wink: )