For a bday party, where to get massive amounts of fried chicken?


Wait. This is M-F too? O_O


Yeah that doesn’t work so well for a snack lol. But if you’re eating leftovers for lunch, just take them out of the fridge 30 minutes before eating (I use Google reminders for this lol). Or if you take it with you to a concert it will come to room temp by itself.


I loved Shakey’s lunch buffet when I was younger. Fried chicken, mojo potatoes and pizza with a large soda and I was one happy college student. It probably tastes better in my memory, even though I’d be tempted to hit it for old time’s sake.


no, the mojo potatoes are still awesome.


Aren’t you on the Westside? We can do a FTC meetup LOL! There’s one by Fox Hills mall.
Culver City Shakey’s

What do you think @bulavinaka, @paranoidgarliclover, @President_Mochi and other Westsiders. :rofl::yum:


I work in Burbank and I’m about to move up the 14 :cry:


I went to so many school fundraisers (as an elementary student) at that Shakey’s. Memories of mojos and trying to get stuffed animals with the claw machine :laughing: The pizza, however, I must have blocked out of my memory. I sure don’t remember it as anything good, which says a lot for a kid who pretty much ate indiscriminately.


I never thought it was bad, but it certainly wasn’t great. It was good middle of the road cheap pizza. Certainly I liked it a lot more than Little Ceasars which a lot of my college friends liked. I did not like them at all.

But the potatoes and fried chicken were the main thing. I remember my base meal was usually about 7-8 pieces of chicken, 2-3 slices of pizza and huge pile of potatoes. Then I’d reassess how I was feeling and go back for more if needed. Ahh…college days!


I was gonna put some snide remark about how little ceasar’s is to pizza what noah’s is to bagels, but then I realized, that’s insulting Noah’s. Noah’s serves white, ring shaped bread with stuff on it. But it can be TASTY bread and stuff. For what it is, it’s fine. Little Ceasar’s isn’t even that. Sure, it’s ALSO essentially white bread with stuff on it, but neither the bread nor the stuff (no matter what combination it’s in) are in any way good. It’s something that, if offered to you for free, you would turn down unless you were legitimately I-have-been-fasting-for-2-days hungry…

Little Ceasar’s is vile. And this is from a person that misses Taco Bell…


Even for cheap college pizza I couldn’t deal with it. But the 2 for deals were popular with my friends. I’d pass whenever I could.

Not quite the same, but have you tried the Naugles reboot? It hit all my nostalgia buttons and objectively it’s not bad. The ingredients are fresh and put together well. It’s just nowhere near “real” mexican food. It’s what good fast food used to be when companies tried to use fresh ingredients instead of everything pre-packaged and full of fillers.


That’s a big change. Good luck with the new location! It’ll be home before you know it.


You guys ain’t shit. Getting on me because I like cheesecake factory and this thread is all about grocery store chicken, shakey’s and taco bell. lol


Not me! I recommended a tried and true foodie option! :wink:



If you’re gonna hate yourself, might as well do it as cheaply as possible.


True, Cheesecake factory content, as compared with grocery store chicken or shakey’s is probably not much better, nor much worse from a quality standpoint, and maybe, even, from a QPR point of view, depending on how you judge.

What makes Cheesecake Factory especially worthy of all the smack talk is the overwhelming commitment to EXCESS. An appetizer for two? Here’s TWO FULL DINNER PORTIONS of fried mac and cheese. Shrimp pasta? No problem. 1/4 lb pasta, several shrimp drowned in garlic butter and a cup of cheese. Oh and in case you get hungry waiting, have a couple of loaves of bread. And for desert? Why yes, I WOULD like a 8 inch high slab of fat and chocolate, don’t mind if I do!

What’s that? I’m sorry, I can hardly hear you over the sound of my heart attempting to push what is essentially schmaltz through my arteries. My caloric intake in this one meal is enough to sustain a normal adult for 5 days, you say? Thank goodness. I think I’ll be in ICU at LEAST that long. At least they validate parking.


Woah, hold your horses there missy. I never talked smack about Cheesecake Factory, it’s got it’s place and a fair amount of their items are actually decent.

Ehh, my attitude is that’s just more leftovers. No one says you have to eat it all. If you’re going to a CF, you know what you’re getting this isn’t an unknown quantity. If you go, plan accordingly

Btw, did you know that a lot of professional players like CF exactly for those reasons? It’s solid quality food, it’s dependable, there’s a big menu and there are large portions. They are also in every major city. It makes it easy to just drop in and get a meal that’ll satisfy.


Players of WHAT?


Ugh, what a brain cramp. I mean to say athletes. Time to snack on some fried chicken and restore blood flow.


OMG! slightly off topic buuut—there was a Shakey’s up the street from my high school and as a senior we were allowed to eat lunch off campus (this was the 70’s before schools were fenced in and had security). we would go there for the lunch buffet and fill up on mostly chicken and mojos (with a couple of pieces of their crappy pizza for good measure). some of my girls would line their xl size “purses” w/ napkins and fill it up w/ chicken -n- mojos to go for a second round later. can’t say that I’ve been to Shakey’s since…


I used to eat at the original Cheesecake Factory on Beverly when they had a much more limited menu and just maybe a dozen kinds of cheesecake.

Great food for the $$$. I miss that.