French Traditional in the city


Benoit was a great time, thank you. Can’t believe I ordered calf’s liver as the main… Nothing else was calling me… very nice dinner tho


Do they still serve it in a copper saute pan?


They brought that and the chicken over in copper and then plated it. Wish they didn’t :slight_smile:


Boucherie on 7th was god awful. Insulting. I sent back 2 dishes which I’ve never done. Both cassoulet and ratatouille were completely covered in tomato sauce. Ratatouille wasn’t even roasted just steamed ass squash in fucking ragu. I let them have it. Wow.

Went to 3 more bars and ended up eating at hotel. Breslin was pretty good


I’m truly sorry that you had such a horrible experience at Boucherie on 7th. Given what I reported about our second time at Boucherie Gramercy, I have to admit to being really surprised you decided to go to the flagship. Since our initial dinner at Gramercy was very good, it makes me wonder what exactly has happened (changed?) in both kitchens that produced these unsatisfactory meals.

Benoit is one of our faves. I love liver and have enjoyed it there.

We’ve been to the Breslin once specifically to have the lamb burger which was delicious.


oh it’s all good, no worry at all… and i thank you for the suggestion… i’m just glad i was enough of a grown up to send back the two dishes.

i didn’t do sufficient research between the two locations and was planning to go to Freeman’s all along yesterday but plans and timing put us in the west village location.

sorry, i didn’t communicate the appreciation to you appropriately last night while buzzed and on mobile

was so close to getting the lamb burger but we had already split a decent burger at boucherie. we didn’t send everything back :slight_smile:


It sounds as though you had better luck with your Boucherie burger than I had, so that’s something.

Too bad you didn’t get the Breslin lamb burger as it is a signature.


That burger is perfect with the tzatziki (from their lamb sandwich), and without the feta.


for some reason i was craving lamb vindaloo…

overall everything was super acidic… that and the morel mushrooms