Fresh, Bright Farmers Market-Driven Street Food - Guerrilla Tacos (the Brick & Mortar) - Grand Opening! [Thoughts + Pics]


Hi @CiaoBob,

Thanks for the great report back. It’s encouraging to hear that Week 2 things are improving for the new operation. Hopefully Chef Wes found quality help in the kitchen to bring his recipes properly to life (which it sounds like he did).

It also is encouraging that perhaps Chef Wes is reconsidering his original stance of only changing the menu once per quarter (that Pork Char Siu Taco is new). Or maybe that’s just a “Special” he’s hinting at? We’ll have to go back and see.


Just got an email they’re now serving lunch Thursday through Sunday.


Her shoes are great. She looks like she has hoofs instead of feet. So cool. :slight_smile:


Same here. I’ll post my report soon but they were on point today for lunch


Just realized I never got around to posting my lunch report for Guerrilla. Long story short, everything was as good or better than what we had on the truck.


These were good – well seasoned and fried – but probably the least interesting thing we tried.



We both really enjoyed the char siu pork and smoked short rib. The char siu has replaced the carnitas on the menu but retains the pineapple chunks for a nice sweet/savory flavor. The short rib has replaced the brisket – it’s smoked perfectly and super tender. I didn’t get to try the sweet potato, but my friend echoed the praise of others, saying he liked it better than the truck version.


But the real revelation was the lamb kebab. Holy hell was this good. It comes with two skewers of meatballs (only one is pictured) plus two flour tortillas to wrap them. The tortillas seem to be handmade and the meatballs … the meatballs are perfection. Like, remember the lamb meatballs I raved about from Dune? Fuck those meatballs. These put them to shame.


He’s been adding some new things to the menu, testing out some new items. Last time I was there we had smoked swordfish, hard shell tacos.


Goddannit Bigmouth at least let me try the ones from Dune first before saying stuff like this.

Username checks out.


Lamb was killer.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Thanks for the report back! Two of our friends said they chatted with Chef Wes during the first week to give their feedback as well (which was similar to ours). Hearing your report that he’s replaced the “Carnitas” with a more interesting sounding Pork Char Siu Taco and the so-so Brisket with a more tender Short Rib is great news. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear he’s willing to make changes if something can be improved (which was more apparent in the weekly-changing taco truck, but originally not here at the brick & mortar).

Can’t wait to try the Lamb! :slight_smile: