FTC Confessions


I like red baron frozen pizza…its what it is. A frozen pie you put in the oven. If you bite into it right out of the oven, it will take the skin off the roof of your mouth. Job well done I’m full frozen pizza . That’s all we want out of this relationship. A void filled.


Creamed Corn!!!

I love it over some rice!

Chicken and corn
Fish and corn
Beef and Corn
Eggs and Corn
Spam and Corn

Sometimes I will spruce it up with some garlic, ginger, and scallion


Confession 1: I love freebies. Confession 2: a birthday freebie I look forward to every year is breakfast at my local Black Bear Diner (chain restaurant). Sweet cream pancakes :100: Confession 3: I cut the pancake stack in half thinking I’d take the rest home, but ended up devouring the whole dang thing. Clean plate club for life :grin:


Do you mean cut and scraped from the cob?


We go to BBD and get the spicy, made in-house sausage, eggs over easy, crispy hash browns and a (hopefully) well done English muffin.


I like sporks.

Especially when eating Rocky Road ice cream. So much easier to selectively enjoy the marshmallows.


Nope! Straight from the can!!


Brown a pork chop and braise in the creamed corn and serve on rice.


Same move with a can of cream of mushroom soup was a grandma go-to.


Oh my. Is that that yellow stuff? I don’t eat yellow corn when fresh. Southern style creamed corn is one of my fave…that I haven’t cooked in ages.


Ah, carb-loading :slight_smile:


You actually mentioned the third component that I forgot to mentioned - creamed corn, cream of mushroom and pork chop over rice. Thanks!


Nice! The sauce covered rice, as usual, is what it’s all about.


Carbs are like in-laws. Wanna love ‘um but have a habit of hangin’ around long after the fun is over.


Cold canned creamed corn over warm rice is delicious.


So y’all don’t want REAL creamed corn?

I used to work in a medical building in Atlanta. There was a small cafeteria and when they had any leftover corn they’d sell it to me cheap at the end of the day. Mmm.


There’s a new Brazilian pizza place by my house. I didn’t know Brazilian pizza was a thing.

May 2018 Weekend Rundown

We spend time in Rio and pizza is big. Especially the Portuguese one.

Image result for brazilian portuguese pizza


This isn’t really a confession; it just might not be everyone’s idea of breakfast.

When I’m ‘dining alone,’ I’ve lately been cooking up a small amount of orzo pasta. While it’s cooking I crumble up some bulk sausage and cook that. When the orzo is done I add a pat of butter, s&p, the sausage and grated Cheddar.


Omfg. And you’ve lived to 70 without a heart attack. Good genes, babe, good genes.