FTC Confessions


Why am I not surprised?


So does that mean you’ve finally eaten Reddi-wip?


Your confessions are making me jealous. I’m not sure that’s how this is supposed to work lol.


So does my gourmet cook girlfriend. Some kind of nostalgic thing.


Yes! And it’s kind of miraculous at how much it tastes like real whipped cream. Now I don’t have to dirty appliances or bowls, etc., to feed the children. :heart_eyes:


I’ve used it or it’s equivalent for many years. And all the dogs have gotten a finger-ful every morning. We travel a lot and it’s so easy to carry.


Lol, you should squirt it in their mouths. That’ll wake them up!


They used to sit SO politely :slight_smile: All gone to their great rewards…for now.


We Postmated Sugarfish last night, just so I could get a look at this for Sushi School. :blush:

The problem is the photos aren’t great and some nigiri still look the same as another piece… to me! Still glad we ordered; it was somewhat helpful, the packaging is sweet and it was a nice lite Saturday nite supper.

2 of these boxes (scallion & lemon cups are hidden) + 1 smaller box of lobster & scallop cut temaki. I think they only do cut rolls to go - makes sense.

$68 + tip

Sushi School - Where should I begin?

For fast casual, I think they’re an excellent option and QPR is decent, although pricing can be area dependent.


We have ended up on the Mandarin robocall list. Phones started ringing simultaneously at 3:17 this morning; have a sick loved one so can’t turn off ringers.

I’m exhausted. And livid.

So today I’m pounding coffee and eating oranges alternated with frozen York peppermint patties.

I’m thinking my stomach will rebel sometime soon.

And last night’s leftover babaganoush and hummus ended up in the trash as a result of a game of feline romper chase that included the kitchen counter.

Yes, had to wash the floors, too, after that incident.

I want a vacation!


Poor cats - sick human Interlopers in THEIR home. :pouting_cat::smile_cat:


Fried eggs are my kryptonite in the kitchen. I’m an okay home cook, but I can’t for the life of me, with any regularity, flip them without breaking the yolks.


I can do fried eggs fine, but I can’t flip an omelette to save my life! I just turn it into scrambled eggs.


That, I can do. Looks like some cross training is in order.


I don’t “flip” an omelet. It gets folded and then slid out of the pan. Or there’s the classic French one.


I have deep affection for Celeste pizza especially the microwave kind.its amazing what can happen to “cheese” once u nuke it


Yikes! I love my MW but I’ll never use it for pizza. I put my pizza stone in a 400’ish oven, get it up to temp, add the pizza.


Celeste pizza barely counts as food, let alone pizza. Besides, it comes with its own chemically covered cooking surface