FTC Confessions


Hot Cheeto fries

Yelp photo of Sayulita’s carne asada fries with Cheetos (San Diego taco shop).


Damn, that sounds good. In a sort-of-similar vein, a while back someone mentioned dipping JITB tacos in ranch sauce. Also great.


I’ll purposefully buy (recently) expired yogurt if it’s on clearance


That’s just smart.


I’ve never had a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto.

I doubt I will watch this film:


Damn I never that. I always assume it was some R&D creation


I kinda like having Cheetos fingers though


I do that too, on the rare ocassion that i eat them.i also like dipping Wheat Thins in Garden Vegetable cream cheese.


That is a fantastic idea.


I like my cheese without the rind


What cheese(s)?


I love okra.

Especially steamed okra. As is.

Mucous, I love thee.


Well, I’m from Atlanta originally so the slimier the better ) But I had a grandmother who made the very best fried also.




Not a lot of people would catch that, my brother in pedantry.


You’ll have to excuse ipsy - he was probably distracted while cuddling up with his pet hagfish.


True, but we correct it nonetheless…


It is our way. Our way is true.


Because we must.


That sounds delicious but with French onion soup dip