FTC Confessions


Awww… thanks! Yep, I’m a liker.


I’ve never even clicked on that!

There’s a daily allotment on “likes”?


Using public toilets in NYC is very distressing. No toilet liners, ancient manual flush system, manual faucets, no paper towels :sneezing_face::nauseated_face:.


How do you define “public”? I ask sincerely, trying to think of where I’ve “gone.” Stores and restaurants and?


Stores, restaurants and everything else. I’m particularly surprised that automated flushing and faucet systems are not the default in new or recently renovated developments.


I’m not used to those features. I wonder if it’s old buildings vs. new.




I didn’t find out until I went on a thread that had over 90 posts. When I got to about 50 likes it shut me down. Too much liking.


That obviously needs qualifiers. If it’s at somthing like a concert or a Rams game, it’s a whole lotta our germs. Even in my household, it’s my family’s germs, where if you met my man-child son, his share is substantial and scary.


I couldn’t just like. LOL.


Hey now, c’mon. It’s familial blood. Love is unconditional and non-judgmental when it comes to family, right?


It’s not just toilets, folks. Dyson airdryers spread more germs than paper towels!




Funny! That’s why I switched from hand towels to paper towels. :sweat_smile: I got tired of trying to guage whether or not they were safe to wipe my hands on. I like to be green, but the environment takes a backseat to my squeamishness on this one.

To bring it back to food and germs - I don’t like sharing popcorn either. We went to see Aquaman today and I made everyone get their own popcorn, especially the 8 year old. :grimacing:


What? Yuk.


A friend recently went to a movie and a small popcorn was $8!


I’ll leave him at your gate - you decide. :stuck_out_tongue:




Yeah! It was insane, sooo expensive. I should have clarified - some shared, just not me. :relaxed:

P.S. They also have beer now!


A couple of the theatres in my area have a full bar…not just beer and wine.