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I think it’s hilarious that they’ve chosen a specific time - down to the minute - after which it’s no longer “best.”

Probably some regulation governing such, but also amusing.


That time is probably when it came off the production line, so the manufacturer can trace defective product or packaging.


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I may or may not have sat down to pee at majordomo just so I could experience the apogee of Japanese technology.


aka a bidet-equivalent?


Yes, Cath. This is the reason for those photos of toilets that bother you. It’s not to be gross or because posters need to see the toilets before going to a restaurant. It’s tongue and cheek. Some posters like to jokingly note whether or not an establishment has them. They’re usually made by a company called Toto.


I always crack up about the obsession with the toto . I have installed plenty. It grosses me out to touch the flush lever in a public bathroom. I always use my foot . These are a little tougher. Lol.


I was raised to always use my foot. AND I found out, perhaps in my CDC days, that the flush creates a fine aerosol that’s certainly unclean.

And, TC, thanks for the background. I had no idea. It will no longer annoy :slight_smile:


I remember some doctor on TV saying that ever since he saw a video of a toilet being flushed under UV light, he kept his toothbrush in the medicine cabinet. :o) We immediately followed suit, but where we live now, our W.C. is in a separate room so it’s no longer an issue.


Because closing the lid before you flush is too much work? I’ve never understood this phobia.


Our household is all Toto (but INAX in Japan seems preferred by many - think of major P.S.I.). Hard to not have a Washlet system once the logic and results are apparent. And if you ever want to see superior packaging, open the box of your new Toto and behold. Conan O’Brien has a funny segment on visiting a Toto main office with his “whipping boy” while they visited Japan.

In regards to the aerosol effect, I guess closing the lid helps. We also have major Panasonic exhaust fans, but - eh - what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If you’ve ever been to public restrooms at concerts or sporting events, consider the aerosol effect there. If you’re still alive, you’re good. And if you’ve lived through public toilets in mainland Asia, you’re gold.

When one considers the multiple trillions of times that the event of flushing the toilet has occurred in recent history and the population has simultaneously increased by exponents, concerns of toilet water aerosol is a boogy man. Basic hygiene wins.


Plus, it’s your germs. Unless, of course, your Toto comes with a live personal flusher imported from Japan.


Yep, we put the lid down before flushing and always when not in use. I read about keeping tooth brushes in a closed medicine cabinet too. It’s not an old wives’ tale that feces is in that aerosol. But you guys are probably right, it may not be as harmful as we think… or we’re now immune, resistant or sorta’ inoculated by it. :slight_smile: Good to know about the Panasonic fans @bulavinaka. We have one and it’s so dang quiet I didn’t think it did much of anything at all.

Yes, I can be a little paranoid about germs - hence my hesitation with food trucks & hole-in-the-walls, plus I worked in restaurants. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But you’re probably right, basic hygiene wins. Wash hands frequently!

Thank you for your time on this most important subject. :grin:


EXACTLY! It’s our germs at home. And I’ve found few public restrooms have covers/lids/whatever. I turn my back pretty quickly…and I’m one of the least germophobic people ever.


My newest addiction:


Mine too and I haven’t even tried them. Love the female super hero, btw.


I have 136 unread posts! When I finally check-in on one of the threads I use my daily allotment of likes on that one thread.


Is it wrong that I find so much amusement in the free loot box advertisement?


I love how you’re so well-read and free with your likes here, @TheCookie!


Funny! I didn’t even notice that. Everybody notices different things. :smile: