FTC Confessions



I got hungry watching this video…

Eh, too much garlic. :wink:

Love the wok action though, and am coveting the cutting board.


Egg McFishin’. Nice brekkie!


I don’t think I’ve noticed Costco fish sticks. That sounds really tasty.


I sincerely think that looked great. We had some rat, from rice fields, in Thailand but it was cooked to death :slight_smile: with no flavor and extra tough jerky like texture.


We can’t write a policy and just say, “Hey, don’t put a rodent on the grill,” right?


This is brilliant! I love it! :rofl::joy::rofl:


i just ate leftover pork that’s been “aged” for 7 days.


Orsen Welles and Paul Masson would be proud of you.


I had pozole that sat out on the stove for a few days before going in the fridge. Easily a week total. I live in a “magic house.”


Had a moment of weakness at the mall. Filled with both regret and satisfaction!!


We drove yesterday and today from Reno to Seattle, a total of about 15 hours. Breakfast and lunch were fast food, three McDs and a BK. Now THAT is an FTC confession!


I like Chipotle.


I saw one today and realized that I’ve never eaten at one. How was it?


I attempted to make Chex Mix using this bottle, found (sealed, even!) in the pantry:

In case you’d ever wondered, Worcestershire Sauce does go bad.

Very, very bad.


Is that July 1, 2007 at 8:22 p.m. or a.m.?


I’m thinking a.m. as the “0” before the “8” (to me) implies a 24-hour notation. If 8:22 p.m. it would have been coded as 20:22.

But what do I know: I’m the person with an 11+ years expired bottle of Worcestershire Sauce in their pantry. Probably best not to trust my reasoning.


Satisfyingly mediocre.


LOL. Is there anything that’s ‘tidy’ enough to eat while driving?


You two are smarties. I never realized there was a time stamp!


They use meat from humanely raised pigs? So they say. I can eat a barbacoa taco without guilt… except that I’m eating Chipotle. :smirk: The guacamole’s pretty good (no tomatoes). I can also get a crunchy shell taco… my food talk confession of the day is that I love crunchy shell tacos.