FTC Confessions



I got hungry watching this video…

Eh, too much garlic. :wink:

Love the wok action though, and am coveting the cutting board.


Egg McFishin’. Nice brekkie!


I don’t think I’ve noticed Costco fish sticks. That sounds really tasty.


I sincerely think that looked great. We had some rat, from rice fields, in Thailand but it was cooked to death :slight_smile: with no flavor and extra tough jerky like texture.


We can’t write a policy and just say, “Hey, don’t put a rodent on the grill,” right?


This is brilliant! I love it! :rofl::joy::rofl:


i just ate leftover pork that’s been “aged” for 7 days.


Orsen Welles and Paul Masson would be proud of you.


I had pozole that sat out on the stove for a few days before going in the fridge. Easily a week total. I live in a “magic house.”


Had a moment of weakness at the mall. Filled with both regret and satisfaction!!