FTC Confessions


“I am unable to replicate any of my Mom’s Vietnamese dishes”

Ooh, wow, “cookbook whore.” I figure they pay them the big bucks for a reason. I’ve always wondered how many non-whores have a higher opinion of their food than their guests do. LOL.


Yeah, I haven’t been able to stomach movie theater popcorn ever since that unfortunate incident with the search for curry powder and an inconveniently placed shaker of flavacol. #Fail


What’s a cookbook whore?


Somehow I don’t think it flatters me :slight_smile: I am still in contact with Gio from CH. She had hundreds of cookbooks and is also one of the best cooks I know.


Just listened to a podcast with a silly, but interesting approach to “humanely” processed meat.


I really wish you hadn’t posted that.


I’m coming over. Don’t try to stop me.

P.S. I didn’t know Hot Dog on a Stick was doing pepper jack now. I wonder if they’re still at the Westfield Culver City, formerly known as The Fox Hills Mall.


I’m so glad you didn’t elaborate on that one.


[quote=“Bookwich, post:144, topic:3927, full:true”]
What’s a cookbook whore?
[/quote]Go to some cookbook threads on CH. They’re insane. I love them!


I think what @attran99 is saying, is if she can’t replicate what she watched her (his?) mom do for years then there’s no hope. I could be wrong though? It happens.


haha. don’t worry—it’s nothing too exciting (unfortunately :wink: )----- just an over indulgence of free popcorn, coke and warm nacho cheese dip that we devoured while the movie was being shown (and we had nothing else to do but stand there bored).

After a couple of months, it took a toll on my skinny 18 year old body and psyche lol. I ate enough of that stuff to last decades. Although, I will admit, the polyester uniform was horrific and the popcorn smell would never wash out.


Ahhh… the good ole’ days! :weary:


Like this one! Rick Bayless “Mexican Everyday.”


Cath? Is that you? :smile:


I posted some on that one. I was never disciplined enough to make the commitment :slight_smile: But that monthly thread prompted a number of buys on my part. What I figured out - for me - is that I guess my palate will never be refined enough to figure out all the nuances.


Got my little chow to do some scouting for you. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. Funny kid. Thanks!


I know. I got so into a holiday thread about what people received or wanted (something like that). I also thought about joining the Cookbook Club, but I don’t have the discipline either. Plus I just don’t have the space. But it’s a really fun thread and I got great cookbook recs, tips on how get cheap cookbooks, and the idea of downloading them on a reader. It prompted me to buy my 2-in-1 Pad.


Yep. And some of them had links to lots of recipes so I didn’t have to buy.


Okay, back to confessions. I had this for dinner tonight…

Popeyes Red Beans & Rice w/Chicken & Cracklins on top

I feel terrible.