Hash brown waffles!


Off-topic but that annoys the crap out of me.


I know. I always share my recipes. She won’t come right out and say no. But she just avoids actually giving it to me.


I had a neighbor/friend who gave me a recipe…that when I made it tasted nothing like what I’d eaten at her house. Bitch :slight_smile:


I always make them different . This recipe caught my eye from A.Z http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/killer-potato-latkes


I think you’re allowed to go off-topic on your own thread :grin:.

My cousin had a friend who for years refused to give her the recipe for her jambalaya. So one time she hung out in the woman’s kitchen - pretending to be on her phone - while she made it. She was actually watching her put it together and texting her sister the recipe. We’ve been eating it ever since.


That is really bitchy.


That is so funny. I actually downloaded that recipe. Now I’m definitely going to use it!


On the waffle iron???


Yes . I’ll pan fry some traditional . And cook a couple on the waffle iron .


Check out this quote I found in a NYT article @js76wisco posted about Macarons. It made me think of your neighbor.

"It took me back to Buffalo, to the pignoli, a Sicilian version of macarons studded with pine nuts that my Aunt Lili made in huge batches at Christmas. Like Mr. Génot, she kept her recipe secret, not by withholding it, but by slightly altering proportions of the ingredients in every retelling."

It’s like sabotage. Either you’re going to give the real recipe or not.


Exactly. And I really did consider her a friend.


Try tater tots in the waffle iron. Defrost them a little so you can close the lid, but they are the BEST!


And I just bought a bag from TJs. Thanks a mil.


Probably too late for answer tonight…but do you use any butter? On the maker? On the tots? I’ll wing it tonight. Yum :slight_smile:


No butter or oil, but mine is nonstick. Hope it was yummy!


Encouraged by this thread, I bought some tots, let then thaw -and then waffle ironed away…

OMG. Killer!

Just have figure out how to add a hint of onion and those will be my latkes for this chanukah!