Help with big dinner in NOLA!


@Xochitl – re: Dookie Chase, I just sit at my table and eat other things until I see a new tray of chicken come out, and then descend upon it like the vulture I am! ;^)

I prefer Parkway to Domilise, but – to be honest – I think it’s a Cubs/White Sox thing, or an NY Giants/NY Jets thing: six of one, half a dozen of the other; a matter of personal palate preference. I know people who prefer Domilise; I know people who prefer, like I do, Parkway.

re: Killer Po-boy – whereas Parkway & Domilise are steeped in tradition (i.e.: classic po-boys), Killer is totally non-traditional. (Think, say Galatoire’s and Commander’s versus a Cajun-Creole-Korean-molecular gastronomic fusion – both are wonderful, but totally different.) Killer is definitely worth a visit, but don’t expect to see the same old, same old . . .

And finally, re: Casamento’s . . . Now, in the Quarter, people fall into two camps for oysters: they either prefer Acme, or they prefer Felix’s, as the long lines on opposite sides of the street will attest. (I’m an Acme guy, FWIW.) Casamento’s is a bit similar, in that you either love it or you don’t. To be fair about it, let me say I’ve only been there once. I found it to be good, and I would go back if I were in the neighborhood – but I didn’t think it was worth going out to Magazine St. just for Casamento’s. Let me hasten to add there are certainly loads of people who will make a pilgrimage out to Casamento’s and absolutely love it. YMMV . . .


Thanks! All very helpful! I think then what I will do is concentrate on the places located close by. Might as well go to Killer Po’Boy since we are staying in French Quarter rather than making a trip out to Casamentos.

Good to hear that about Dookie Chase!

Does anyone have a waiter to recommend at Galatoires? We were going to try a Friday lunch there.


I go a lot, my girl is from Baton Rouge.
She is crazy for Shaya and Peche these days - like everyone else in NOLA!
Not to make things even more complicated but, for me, Mahoney’s Po-Boy’s on Magazine is much better these days than either Parkway or Domilise.
I am a huge fan of a meal at either Mandina’s or Liuzza’s (on Bienville, not the one by the track) for “old school neighborhood jernts.” Same with Frankie and Johnny’s (but that may have closed). I think Camelia grill is soooo overrated but most folks love it (and, to be fair, I don’t give a crawfish claw for pie with cheese on it, cooked grill-top - which I think is the main draw).
Bon Ton Cafe is old school legit.
Friday lunch at Galatoire’s will be fantastic.
Cochon and/or Cochon Butcher are terrific.
Have not been to Toups but hear good things.
Had a very good meal at Sac-a-lait last year.
See a show at the Maple Leaf if you can.
Sazerac bar is wonderful.
The oyster shucker and bar at Pascale’s Manale is always a stop for us when in town (but the food other than the BBQ shrimp isn’t special). The guy has been shucking there for decades, they buy the bivalves from the best “beds” in the gulf. He will regale you with stories if you go.


Just my 2¢ . . . YMMV (as well it should).

  • Frankie and Johnny’s DID close, but has now RE-OPENED and is better than ever!

  • I thought Sac-a-Lait was very good, and certainly had the potential to be great, but needed time to “coalesce.” Also, they need more customers so the room just seem so empty and cavernous. That said, I went six months ago, so maybe more people are turning up . . .

  • Not a fan of Camelia Grill. Period.

  • I’m more of a Liuzza’s by the Track guy myself . . .

  • re: Sazerac Bar (located inside The Roosevelt hotel) – it is, somewhat ironically, famous as the place where the Ramos Fizz was invented; the Sazeracs here are really good, the Ramos Fizzzzzzzzes are better, and the BEST part of the place is the room itself! (Chris Hannah makes better Sazeracs at Arnaud’s French 75, as does Abigail Gullo at Compère Lapin, and Chris McMillian (who now has his own place, Revel, in mid-city.


In fairness, I have only been to LBT at Jazz fest, when it is so crowded and doesn’t seem nearly as pleasant and neighborhood-y as Beinville, so I am unaware of it’s non-Jazz Fest charms. Please elaborate on your preference, if you don’t mind.


Good report. The description of your approach to Dookie Chase is funny.


I love Ramos Fizzes! I used to get them at a place in Newport Beach but then they stopped serving them because of raw eggs! :disappointed: Was going to Angeline becuase they serve them! Thrilled that I have another place to try them! And even better, the home of them!!!


The menu at Liuzza’s by the Track looks amazing! I was going to go to Parkway Bakery after a jaunt through City Park but now I’m undecided! New Orleans really needs two lunch days!


Since you mentioned the menu I decided to actually look at it and compare to the original on Bienville. No comparison at all. PLEASE look at the menu at the original Liuzza’s - it is much more interesting and bigger.

And LBT doesn’t even have the incredible Frenchuletta which I think is much better than traditional Muffulettas.


Thanks for letting me know about this other location! The first one reminds me of Baltimore, where we lived years ago.


What to you get at Liuzza’s? How is the gumbo?


Excellent gumbo.
Fried pickle chips and onion rings
Ice cold mug of beer
Anything with Red Gravy
Italian (aka WOP) salad
Fried Seafood
French Fry Po’Boy with Roast Beef gravy

And, once, I even got a damned T Shirt - something I have never done at any other restaurant I can think of - IT’S THAT GOOD!!!


I loved Casamento’s when I lived in NOLA about 20 years ago, but the last time I was there about 2 years ago, the oysters weren’t as good as before. I still love the gumbo there though. For oysters, Borgne in the CBD was fantastic.


John Fontenot - great guy, knowledgeable waiter. He might have come with the building. :o)


@CeleryVictor – John is a great guy, but he retired two years ago (your article is from 2010). He’s busy enjoying his retirement with his wife and doing a lot of fishing. His son, Billy, has been our waiter for years – he’s been at Galatoire’s since he was 18 . . .

@Xochitl – ask for Billy or Casey


Great!! thank you! can’t wait to report back!


Dang. He was my waiter when I was last in N.O. in January 2015, and I guess I assumed he would be there forever. I was looking forward to having him as my waiter next time I returned. I guess his son will have to suffice! Good that he’s enjoying retirement – he’s such a nice guy.


Okay. So what do y’all think of Christmas in New Orleans? Have you been? Would you recommend? I checked out Royal Sonesta Hotel and Chef Folse’s Reveillon Dinner. I don’t know if we can pull it together on this short notice. But it looks doable for a 5 day, 4 night jaunt. Any thoughts? Calling @Xochitl. I think you ate at R’evolution.


I’d go in a heartbeat for x-mas!! The waiter at Revolution did say dinner is a good time to go. I was a wee scared about what I’d heard of their wine menu - crazy $$$$, but the cocktails were great, so you can rely on those. I think I only have one or two places left to post, which I will. Grab a cocktail at roof top bar of the Pontchartrain hotel at sunset! There are two balconies, go to the one where you can watch the setting sun. Old Point Bar in Algiers Point is another great place to sit during sunset. The ferry is wonderful!


yes - we go almost annually.
going this year too
a great time of year there
working on my reservations now, sadly, Shaya is already completely booked.