Holbox by Chichen Itza


We need uni-versal health care STAT


The gelato and pasta at Bulgarini. I did a long distance dedication bang bang babyyy. Went to Bulgarini then stopped by Mercado la Paloma on the way home. Oh, and besides the tostada, I also picked up a pibil from Chichen Itza for takeaway. It was a glorious day.


Tacos Cuernavaca makes a great peanut arbol salsa btw!


I had that same tostada this afternoon and I got 3 pieces of uni. I’m wondering if it’s by weight? Those uni corals can vary in size a bit.

And I agree that it was a very tasty tostada.


That is uni-fair.


I also got only two pieces of uni on my tostada. Tostada was good but the uni got lost a bit in the spices of the rest of the dish. I enjoyed the cod taco more, excellent.


Dang, agree with @PorkyBelly - awesome place. I love blood cockles and the pata mula hit it out the park, the largest was about 1.5", extremely fresh. Loved the bold seasoning of the uni, yellowtail ceviche, again terrific quality. Also not to be overlooked, the salsa offerings. My favorite was Kut aka roasted habanero, extremely spicy, the light smokiness adds a wonderful complexity to the distinct habanero flavor. Couldn’t get enough of it. Have to say I enjoyed this more than my meal at Guerilla taco a couple weeks ago - specifically the bolder flavors more reminiscent of traditional mariscos trucks and the self serve salsa options. @Chowseeker1999 recommend checking it out.

Will need to explore the rest of the offerings when I have more time.


Thanks for the rec @Sgee. :slight_smile: Definitely want to go soon thanks to @PorkyBelly, yours and everyone’s feedback so far. :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it, looks like the uni count is back up to four? Was Gilberto in the kitchen? Make sure to try the cocktels.


Yup back up to 4 pieces. Not sure if Gilberto was in the house, too busy stuffing my face :smiley:. Yeah the coctels looked great, and scallops and surf clams and…


I had to make up for my failed bang bang during my last visit. Unfortunately there was no paella tonight.

@Happybaker i remembered to try the arbol cacahuate and it great, my favorite.

Uni and yellowtail ceviche tostada - santa barbara uni, yellowtail, onion, cilantro, tomato, salsa roja, avocado
The ceviche was a bit acidic on its own but eaten with the sweet uni it was delicious.
The 'nads were so fresh they tried reproducing with the yellowtail. uni, dos, tres, cuatro, uni count back up to four.

cocktel mixto - shrimp, octopus, oyster, avocado, house made sauce, onion, cilantro, lime
As good as last time, everything was super fresh and the sauce was delicous.

torta de camaron empanizado - breaded shrimp, home made bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado
This came with about six large perfectly fried butterflied shrimp on some nice crusty bread. Reminded me of a shrimp po boy. I wanted to save half of this for later to complete my bang bang but it was so good i finished the whole fucking thing.

Cochinita Pibil - pork marinated with achiote, sour orange juice, and spices, cooked in banana leaves, topped with pickled red onions served with sauteed black beans, rice and steamy tortillas
Bang bang complete

Queso Napolitano - dense vanilla flan with traditional caramel sauce


Strong work!


What fruit is in that damn coctel? Like mango or something. Either way, the sauce is tasty as fuck.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice! :slight_smile: Looks so good. :slight_smile: The last 2 items (Cochinita Pibil and Flan) are from the neighboring food stand (Chichen Itza) right? Or did they finally add those items to the menu at Holbox? Just checking. Thanks.


Does anyone want to adopt my daughter during the meals when we want seafood? She is from the “Ron Swanson School of Nutrition,” where seafood is considered almost a vegetable, and she hates vegetables (unless cheese, bacon or butter are involved).

On my third and most determined try, we kept steering toward Mercado la Paloma for Holbox while trying to sell her on Chichen Itza - no go.

“But we had Mexican food for dinner the other night (wah).”

“Mexico’s a big-ass country, with many cuisines, dear. You know - like China. You know all the different styles of food we can get in the San Gabriel Valley, right? Well, Mexico is very similar, where every region has their own take on food. Remember La Flor de Yucatan and their pork and kibbis and -”

“I want something else. We had kibbis and falafel last week. I don’t want that and I don’t want seafood.” .:angry:

We need to drop her off at McDonalds down the street - for sure - next time.


The struggle is real, my friend.


Thanks. I’m hoping that this change in palate is just another phase. She used to down just about anything that we ate. Teenagers…


ha. that phrase comes up a bunch around here, about any country’s cuisine.
the usual response is, “y’know, in mexico (or whatever place), they eat mexican(or whatever appropriate
food almost every day.”


Yessiree. And I guess she can’t have the same cuisine - not the same dish or even a different region - more than once a week. Maybe I’ll just start calling everything we eat, “American.” What now, sweet daughter!?!?

And if she goes away to college - dorm food… She’ll come crawling back begging for a torta de camaron empanizados or that cocinita pibil. Still a few years away for this scenario, but I’m playing the long game - that’s what parenting is, I guess right?Revenge is mine! Or…

“Hey dad - I want you to meet my new boyfriend, Justin Bieber and his best friend, Chris Brown!”

“Where’s the razor blades…?”


They have a place that serves hamburgers I believe in Mercado la Paloma.


Those uni containers look familiar.