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A new thread, for our latest dishes. The old one was getting a wee bit cumbersome to search.


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Green garbanzo beans with feta, mint, and pomegranate seeds. Based on Gjelina recipe.


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Tackling the infamous dill pickle fermentation.


This is the weirdest recipe I’ve ever seen on Serious Eats, and they have had a lot of weird recipes over the years. So of course I had to make Ants on a Bog.

Ants on a Bog: Celery Soup With Peanut and Grape

It turns out that celery soup and pickled grapes are an excellent combination. (I did not make the peanut butter crumble because it did not sound appealing, at all.)


I made Chinese Chilaquiles tonight for dinner.

Basically, cut up some leftover scallion pancakes, simmered them in some leftover MaPo tofu sauce, then (while the whole thing was still on the stovetop) cracked a fresh duck egg over the top, covered for a bit to let everyone some time to get to know each other (as in, "hello, I’m a duck yolk, and you? well, I used to be Sichuan peppercorn until some dowsed me with bean paste and soy sauce …") and then garnished the whole thing with a good handful of Chinese pork floss right before digging in.

Of course, all of this was chased with a shot of Chicken Essence.


I saw that recipe and thought it sounded ‘interesting.’ Sounds like it was good. Thanks.


But now I am a unicorn

We have the beginnings of a great new song.


I had a small piece of ahi that we were just going to have as a snack but instead made a meal of it. Cubes of avocado, sushi rice and a little arugula salad with a bunch of toppings from WF salad bar. Very nice.


@Bookwich My family loves pickles. I would love to learn more about the recipe or technique you used.


Too many pork chops in the fridge, so I played mad scientist. Lawry’s seasoning salt, then Dijon mustard, then some apples that were getting soft, then some sage, but I only had a few leaves, so dried tarragon on the rest. Baking now, and it smells great.


Please report back. I haven’t cooked that type in so long because I could never get them tender.


I love your Kraft box in the background! Dinner sounds lovely, @Bookwich!