Home Cooking 2019


I was too but it’s really easy. My encouragement came from the fishmonger. You’re a griller, you can do it.

  • Have it cleaned where you buy it.
  • Put lemon halves on the grill & slices for stuffing.
  • Salt & Pepper inside
  • Stuff w/lemon slices, herbs, onions, whatever.
  • brush outside w/oil
  • I grill it on my small portable.
  • Flip carefully.
  • Remove when flesh looks white (about 15 min).

I’m not an expert deboner. Others might be more helpful. Some do it with 2 spoons, some with 2 forks.

  • Remove head and tail & stuffing
  • Remove skin on the top filet and remove fatty parts
  • Separate the 2 fillets (may need knife down the back)
  • Gently separate and peel bone from flesh.
  • Squeeze w/grilled lemon, light fruity olive oil, tintsy bit of flaky salt.

I don’t have the patience for complicated recipes. This takes about an hour, start to finish. Peeps who don’t know better will think you’re a fish grilling master. You can do the marinades and rubs for enhanced flavor, but it’s not a must.


TC, you are the best!!! I really appreciate your making the effort and taking the time to do this. Once our deluge of rain lets up in a few days… Actually we’re heading to Seattle on Weds. where their fish inventory is better than ours. I think I’ll do one then! Again, thanks.


Cabbage and chicken soup . Base of hot paprika , potatoes and vegetables. Secret ingredient. The heel off of speck and leftover roast chicken skin torn into small pieces .

upload://iwUriRJgdptkBBcar2YlILWzWTf.jpeg the



Test plate of a kumquat jalapeño pork roast.

Served over rice with oregano and parsley.

Here is another photo of my kumquats, which I found on a big beautiful tree while foraging.


Those kumquats are STUNNING!!!

Very jealous (but also happy for you : )


Thanks to @Happybaker for the post and jogging my memory, I finally got around to making the Peasant Bread. Didn’t have the called-for bowls, so used a well-oiled 9X13 glass baking pan and shaped like foccacia.

It’s a hit!

For those averse to baking with yeast, this is a great recipe!


Super Bowl Sunday meant throwing a small party for a couple of my husband’s coworkers.
Corn chowder

Clam chowder


And a fresh baked snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies with home made vanilla ice cream.

There was also a veggie platter from Costco, chips & dip, formage & charcuterie, a tres leches cake from Porto’s, and wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I had the bar prepped for mimosas, vodka or tequila cocktails, or beer.


That looks fantastic!

And thank YOU for the pictures - I had a dear friend (who is yeast averse) asking if the recipe could be used for focaccia - now I can simply send her to your post!

The underside looks so good - yay the power of oil and creative cooks!


That looks great. Where did you get the recipe?


Definitely works for foccacia! I didn’t dimple then oil/season the top this time but may in the future. Was thinking about baking in cake rounds and doing oil, rosemary, slivered red onions, and sea salt for sandwich rounds that would then be cut into wedges.

Was also contemplating using as a deep dish pizza crust. Might actually buy the recipe book for all the variations.


Clam chowder recipe
I used it more as a guideline than a recipe. I wasn’t looking to fuss with fresh clams, so this is the version I use when I’m looking to be lazy. I doubled the clam juice and chose a mix of whole baby clams, chopped clams, and minced clams. If the clams were in clam juice, I did not drain them. I added the chopped and minced clams with the chicken stock and clam juice before the half and half. It actually tasted better the next day.


Thanks! I’ve been looking for a recipe to try, and I like my chowder on the thicker side. This looks great.


If you want it thicker add more flour or starch. Potato is great for that .


I might keep a small pack of instant mashed potato flakes in the pantry for this specific reason.


“Was thinking about baking in cake rounds and doing oil, rosemary, slivered red onions, and sea salt for sandwich rounds that would then be cut into wedges.”

Okay, that sounds fantastic. I once tried doing foccacia in a sheet pan to make into sandwiches but either my pan was too big or my dough too small - it ended up thin, tough and unusable.

However, I hit the internet and now, with your post and this post from Smitten Kitchen - I have hope. Between the two of you, I just might try again… (And she used the exact same bread recipe and talks about the cookbook.)


TIL about Diamond Crystal vs Morton. thanks y’all


Veal shanks came out very nice. Olive Market on Oxnard has great QPR


Wow, that tree was out in the woods! Incredible.


You really are Wonder Woman.