Indian Buffet Question


In your collective experience, how well does the lunch buffet at a given Indian Restaurant reflect the quality of its menu as a whole? I ask this after being pretty disappointed with Mayura’s today (please keep in mind that having lived most of my life in LA and NYC, I’m fairly certain I’ve never had truly great Indian food).

I was by myself so figured the buffet would be my best bet to try different things, but honestly didn’t think it was even as good as a lot of places that I always assumed were mediocre.


Great question.
I do not think they track well - but I admit to minimal experience in Los Angeles with any decedent Indian from Buffets or Menus


Does Sri Lankan food count?

If so, then the lunch buffet at Apey Kade is a true gem.


According to this updated yelp review from 9/4, Apey Kade has recently discontinued the lunch buffet :anguished:


Hmm, who are we to believe?

The restaurant who is advertising the AYCE Lunch Buffet for September 4? Or a yelp review saying that as of September 4 no more lunch buffets?


worth noting said yelper has written 777 reviews. a sign of credibility and general mental well being if i’ve ever seen one


@ipsedixit I saw that too, and so I did some investigation; it appears they were advertising a one-day lunch buffet because the menu they’ve posted on their facebook page does NOT make any mention of a lunch buffet, but there does seem to be a Sunday brunch buffet and a Friday/Saturday dinner buffet now (circled in blue):


i, too, felt the food at the mayura buffet was inferior to most of the other indian food i’ve had on the westside.
never went back after that experience.


Yup, you’re absolutely right.

Confirmed from Apey Kade themselves


Please tell me what disappointed you about Mayura’s buffet (please don’t say meat options).

Going tomorrow for Onam.


Maybe the Apey Kade lunch buffet is a Labor Day special. I would call before making a trip.


to my palate: bland, watery


These are exactly the words I would use.


is your palate hip to Kerala cuisine?

Here for Onam feast today and it’s stupendous


No, it’s not. But doing a cursory bit of googling I’d say that Kerala is not well represented in the lunch buffet, which appeared to have all the more standard buffet items (done not particularly well).

But you may in fact have answered my original question on this thread. I’ll have to go back for dinner to confirm.


Congratulations ipsedixit, you were the only one to actually ask the restaurant itself.