Indian Food Recs Beverly Hills to Hollywood


Friend hasn’t had Indian in awhile and doesn’t mind driving out w/ me to Lawndale today for lunch. For those of us who don’t have a super well-developed palate for Indian food, are there significant differences btw Al Watan and Al Noor? I tried one of these places many yrs ago and very much enjoyed it, but I can’t remember which one I went to…


Al Noor is just a teensy bit more westernized. It’s cleaner, the curries are less, oily, etc. But it’s still legit Indian/Pakistani food.

Al Watan is a little grubbier and arguably a teensy bit more authentic. It’s the place to go for tandoori chicken, kebabs, etc. They use mesquite IIRC. I also like their chicken tikka masala, but it comes with a slick of oil on top that some find unappetizing. Here’s a pic:

BTW, if you go to Al Watan, try the buttered seasame naan:


If it matters to you and your friend, Al Noor offers Indian appetizers while all Al Watan offers as a starter is a salad. However, the mixed tandoori at Al Watan (huge) is about the best I’ve had in California and the onion kulcha is also excellent as is the nehari.


We did Al-Watan and LOVED it! Pics on the Weekend Rundown.