January 2017 Weekend Rundown


Me and my new friends waiting for Shunji to open to get dat $40 lunch special. Got there at noon and waited for 20 minutes…I guesss its not happening. Probably still on vacation. So Plan B…

And got the Osaka-style chirashi bowl…

Pretty good. A little on the sweet side. I did feel a little jipped…not much fish imo, I get the chopped and diced style, but there is really not much when you consider there is other cooked and pickled items in the mix. If I am going to pay $30 for a chirashi bowl at lunch…well give me a little something. There was Uni though, it was okay not the sweetest.

While in the area I visited Simpang Asia:

Got a mango smoothie and some char kway teo. I enjoyed it, I wish there was some wok breath flavor. Went next door to get some kaya. Also interesting I asked both the restaurant and market-coffeeshop if they have kaya toast, they looked at me like I was speaking Swahili. I know it’s a Indo place but you guys got some Malay stuff going on too.

Early dinner I hit up:

I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed dining here. The service and the food. We are very lucky in Southern California/LA to have sushi that can be enjoyed on all price levels. Don’t take that for granted. Noshi to me is like 1-2 times a week place where you can get a quick bite at a fair price. In a ideal world all of the “Rockin’” sushi places will be replaced by Noshi’s.

Some of the things I enjoyed: Tuna Roll, CA Roll, Baked Crab Roll, and the sweet shrimp nigiri with fried head. Also interesting seems like the LA sushi world is small, all of these sushi chefs know each other and are friends.

Arrr trying to upload photos on my potato iphone


Shunji will reopen on 1/6 for dinner


Title of the photo of that pair of birds on a lunch date, waiting for Shunji to open, only to find out they’re closed that day:

“This is what it sounds like when doves cry”…


Monkish is so damn good. Them and Highland Park Brewing are definitely my local favorites. It’s great to be able to get good local sours.


Yass. I like the sours at Phantom Carriage, too.

Farther up the coast, but the new ish Firestone Walker restaurant/taproom in Venice has rotating Barrelworks wild ales on tap.


Sours and Belgians are two of my favorite styles. I’ve been enjoying therm from The Bruery for years.


Are they brewing there yet? I was there when they first opened and their drafts were the same as the little Barrelworks bottles found in stores. I really love Firestone (Sucaba, Wookie Jack, and anniversary ales for the win!), but I’m never too over the moon about their sours.


Where is this place?


Jade noodles @ Sapp. I think I prefer Luv2Eat - the protein mix is better, and I felt the spice level was more appropriate @ Luv2Eat.


Mateo’s Ice Cream and Fruit Bars
4920 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, 90230
(in the strip mall next to a laundromat)

Also excellent are paletas, and the smoothies and juices made to order. The sandwiches are good, too.

They don’t have a website, but scroll down to #13 on this list:


Just had the char kway teo. Really liked it. Nice sweet and spicy noodle dish. Only thing it was missing was a bit of texture. But hard to complain.


There is also a Mateo’s on Pico x Crenshaw and Pico x Vermont.

Great place!!


I know what you mean. Mushy but Tasty.


I like Noshi too. I live close by and I see it as a mom 'n pop Japanese comfort food place. Same decor since the 80s. Lots of Japanese families and folks from the neighborhood. Easy parking. During prime hours there can be a bit of a wait to be seated. I like the old school servers. Prices are reasonable. Nothing will blow your mind, but it’s a lived-in comfy neighborhood place for simple sushi, rolls, tempura, teriyaki, beer and sake. I like the baked crab roll as well and when the tempura is on point it’s good.


I picked up some Kung pao chicken at Litte Fatty while the boy was at Mar Vista basketball, but it was pork belly in the bag when I opened it.

So we went back to exchange it for Kung pao chicken, and might as well order dumplings and egg rolls, too. They were very busy, so it took a while, no big deal. They gave the boy a coke while we waited, which was nice.

When the food was ready, Chef Kuo said he put extra food in the bag. He so did!

Pork dumplings, egg rolls, Kung pao chicken, pork belly, xo fatty noodles, general tso cauliflower, and rice.

Side note: I’ve never tried pork belly before, but now I see why people like it and talk about it. It’s not chewy or greasy at all, it just melts in your mouth. So interesting.


It just occurred to me that your boy and my chowpup may be in the same hoops league…



El Cochinito! Note to self when having Cuban, either have control or plan to not eat anything else after…

It’s in a busy lot. Before I entered I thought it would be nice to grab a scoop at Baskins afterwards. Yeah well my food baby was not leaving any room for dessert.

Guanabana Smoothie! This is a very yummy fruit. Kinda like if Ms Strawberry and Mr Banana had a kid. Try it!

The Lechon Asado. Roast pork, juicy and flavorful. No cracklings though! The maduros/plantains were perfection. Also got a side of that garlic sauce, and used it on the roast pork and yucca. Only downside was the rice and beans, little on the dry side, I should have got them unmixed!
Good hearty meal.

Why is my wifey pic in the men’s restroom???


A little taste of Japanese home cooking at Suehiro…

The off menu special, Hayashi Rice!

Tender beef and a tasty sauce with a hint of red wine perhaps.
This is up my alley, although I think curry rice is more popular. I like the atmosphere here, too. Also they got a huge tv that shows real life Japan. And $3 Sapporo/Kirins on draft during Happy Hour.


So strange to think we’re already raising the next generation of chowhounds. :bento::sushi::ramen::pizza::hamburger::rice::poultry_leg::dog: