Japan Premium Beef (Butcher) NoLita - anyone tried?


Stumbled on this by accident while searching for butchers - crossbred US wagyu beef. Anyone tried their meats?



Have not tried, but I know they are suppliers for many of the restaurants in Manhattan, e.g. Shabushabu Macoron, Megu, etc.


Sounds interesting, will have to check it out. Thanks.


Oh whew, I thought you were considering cooking :slight_smile:


for beef tartare and sashimi no cooking involved…


I’ve had some tartare preps that would challenge me for sure.

So beef is now part of the sashimi routine? Just how much farther afield can they get? I’m beginning to see the sushi trend as another excuse to spend a ton of money.


I believe this butcher also has a restaurant attached to it called Bohemian Restaurant that is referral only from what I hear.




@jntcho thanks for the tip!

@ipsedixit is this like Totoraku?


No, not quite. Bohemian is really more of an izakaya cum speakeasy.