Jitlada Lovers--What are your favorite dishes?


o.k., i haven’t been in a while, but how come this bad service thing never happened to me at jitlada? i mean, i’m unhip, fat, ugly and lack anything approaching “charm.” and baby, i am NOT a patient man. d.c. restaurants used to send me into paroxysms because they’d never bring the fucking check. and don’t even get me started on – shudder – vancouver.

why the hell am i so special these service nightmares never happened to me?


Is your first name Jonathan and last name a chemical element and color?



no. 32 crispy morning glory salad ($15): nice, new to me

no. 137 khua kling phat lung dry curry with beef ($13): good, reminded me of rendang, didn’t seem spicy at first but had a cumulative slow burn

no. 97 (regular menu) acacia omelette and shrimp sour soup ($16): very good, I didn’t understand this dish when I had it at Lers Ros in SF.

The prices seem reasonable to me given the quality. The shrimp were much better than at an average Thai place.


soft shell crab you didn’t order or the cracked blue crab ?

easy to over order


its very expensive.

Last few checks were $55 plus/per


Love that omelette soup. When I last had it a year ago it really blew me out spice wise–was it very spicy?


It was the spiciest thing they’ve served me.


My go to’s:

Green mussel curry
Lamb kua kling (if I’m feeling masochistic)
Morning Glory Salad


Yeah, I left out the part where they seemed very attentive to certain tables and… not to others. But perhaps those people were regulars (I certainly didn’t recognize them myself). Of course you should be attentive to regulars… But not at the expensive of virtually ignoring other customers.


So far this week they’ve been out of green mussels and lamb.


Went with a regular once and service equally terribad.


ooh, so close. my name is Jack Bromothymolblue.


I guess TonyC ain’t Drew Barrymore (who was apparently seen there once)…


Sounds like something I’d love, but I couldn’t find that on the menu.


That #177 is my favorite to order. Super gelatinous pig knuckles and hock in broth. Crazy spicy.



Jitlada, Strip Malls, and J. Gold

Nice guy and talented chef.


Oh no! How sad. Poor Jazz.