June 2018 Weekend Rundown


Post cheat meal dessert - Oakobing’s strawberry shaved ice with lychee jelly and milk pudding $5.75. One of the few K-shaved ice places that’ll do single servings.

Drove by the other place that does a mini ice, but it appears Okrumong is no more and in the process of being replaced.

It was 85 degrees in K-town today :sunny:


Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe.

Spam Royale for me with (perfect) over-easy egg. My friend had a kalua pork omelette, which came out a bit odd because there were no vegetables whatsoever, and the meat tasted overwhelmingly of Liquid Smoke. The potatoes were good though!

My first visit to the new location. Everyone was nice, but the space isn’t as fun and comfortable as the old place, and the food is definitely different. Low sodium Spam and barely any soy sauce or fat in the Royale. Healthier maybe? :neutral_face:


Lunch on the patio at the Raymond. Protip: patio, even on a cloudy day, is the better seating. (It was nostalgic, I was a waiter there in 1980. The interior hasn’t changed at all and the dark, somber booths are best saved for wet winter evenings). Glass of Pinot Grigio 'cuz it seemed the right speed. The spinach salad with strawberries and shrimp was pretty good stuff…shrimp were perfectly grilled, a nice char/sweetness to the edges, and the berries actually tasted like berry (unlike other strawberries I’ve had lately). My friend enjoyed his Cobb salad…another glass of wine woulda been nice if we’d had more time.


Father’s Day brunch at Petrossian: Smoked fish plate (king salmon, tuna, trout), foie gras torchon, shassetra caviar on blini… Just marvelous!


Sorrento Italian Market.

  • I’ve never seen this here before. Are you selling this now? Do you have other kinds?
  • No, I think that’s from when the aunt [80 years-old] went to Italy last month. I think that’s the last one.
  • Okay, I’ll take it, but I’ll skip the Parmesan this week.
  • I put the Parmesan in the bag anyway. I know you need it.

I love neighborhood stores.:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


No room for risotto?


If only the caviar risotto was available during the daytime…


Went to Sichuan Impression in Alhambra with a foodie group the other week for dinner. Had over a dozen dishes including: Jelly noodles; shredded potatoes; sautéed lamb with cumin; braised mustard greens (not pictured); Bo Bo skewers; lamb noodle casserole; Kung Pao chicken; chili wontons (not pictured); tea smoked ribs; chili chicken w bone (not pictured); boiled fish w peppercorns; rice cakes w soybean powder (not pictured) and pumpkin rice cake w red bean paste.

The flavors were balanced and some dishes were a bit spicy, but I didn’t need to drink plum juice that much to neutralize the numbing mala effect from peppercorns (whereas at Chengdu Taste Rosemead, the chef can really amp up the spice and mala effect on request — I need to drink plum juice for sure to survive that, but it’s worthwhile).

Our group of 10 ppl sat at a large wooden picnic table placed inside the resto - gawdawfully uncomfortable seating! :persevere::sweat: Tough to share food w/o a revolving lazy Susan, but luckily everyone was collegial and efficient. Servers were relatively proficient in English and polite — a definite plus compared to other Szechuan/Sichuan places in SGV!


@PorkyBelly This is an awful picture, but it was an excellent, very fragrant truffle pizza. To paraphrase @ipsedixit, get thee to Wolfgang Puck at the Bel Air.

Also a tomato/fig/burrata salad. My friend was so funny, “You forgot to take a picture, this was really good and we ate all the tomatoes already.” My friends do not take photos of their food, but are supportive of my predilection to do so. :slight_smile:


hock + hoof

Ironically the menu had neither hock nor hoof.

beef heart tartare, egg yolk, apple pear, sesame, radish, rice cracker
The chefs put a lot of heart into this dish

squid, forbidden rice, squid ink, wild mushrooms
More earthy than a phish fan at burning man.

striped bass, fish sauce, thai chilies, scallions, cilantro, peanuts, rice paper
This was like a vietnamese ca nuong cuon. The fish was properly fried but I wasn’t a fan of the orange-y sauce. I wish it came with some pickles, vermicelli, and nuac mam.

not toto


Are those the full dishes? They seem kind of small but hard to tell portion size sometimes in pictures.


I don’t remember what the FTC consensus on Boston Lobster is, but I sure love it. It’s nice not having to deal with Newport’s long waits. I also really like the lunch specials. Huge quantities and you get complimentary hot & sour soup and steamed rice. We usually get a few lunch dishes and the bo luc lac and house lobster from the regular menu, but didn’t get lobster today.

Bo Luc Lac:

Salt & Pepper Fried Pork Chop:

Kung Pao Chicken:

Yang Chow Fried Rice:


After coming back from a NorCal business trip, my Sunday dinner back in LA was an In-N-Out triple (double single), mustard fried patty hamburger with a slice of cheese, sliced tomato, pickles and onions, no sauce. With regular fries it was $6.99 and it was soooo refreshing to pay less than $10 for dinner, not have to calculate an 18-20% tip and yet be assured the workers would be making a decent wage with benefits so I wouldn’t have to completely empty out my pockets.

Less than 14 minutes from start to finish in the drive through at INO Marina del Rey on a Sunday at 6p. In moments like this, I gotta love LA.


Had a party catered at the house this past weekend. Had 4 trays of these babies muled over…

Tan Cang Newport Seafood - House special lobster with noodles


Now that’s FTC hosting, gangnam-style…


That tray was the leftovers…that was for dinner last night.


My friend works for ESPN and is in Russia for the World Cup. She sent photos of her dinner at White Rabbit.

I kind of wanted to tear my hair out because why are you ordering burrata and panne cotta in Moscow?! But it was nice of her to share her meal. :slight_smile:

Russian Scallop.

She called it steak, it’s actually boar, with parsnip purée. :slight_smile:


Dessert and the aforementioned burrata.

I posted here because my friend is from Los Angeles, and we don’t have a Moscow board, and it is the weekend.


After @yogachik’s rec, I decided to try Forma for the first time yesterday. Cacio e pepe was indeed delicious, and the cheese selection is a bit overwhelming! We asked server at the bar to choose 3 cheese for us, and they were great (St Pats Cowgirl Creamery; Truffle Tremor; Roquefort – Papillon). My favorite was the truffled cheese. Bread pudding was surprising delicate (and quite custard-y). Didn’t get as much nutella as I had hoped.

Clam pasta was underseasoned (IMHO) and could’ve used more clam flavor.

Wine (Cote du Rhone Clos de Trias Ventoux) would’ve paired great w/ the cheese, but we ordered it after that, and it overpowered the pasta. Generous pour.

Everything here has a relatively light hand, which is both good (cacio e pepe) and not so great (clam pasta). The quality of the ingredients is undeniable, though. Service from our main server was a bit indifferent (we asked for sparkling water and got still water; we had to ask for glasses to be refilled multiple times).

Ordered my first Rucker pie and picked it today. Got home and noticed it had cracked and the filling is seeping a bit. Oh, well. Hopefully, it’ll still taste delicious (it’s for a party later tonight, so I’ll report back).


That looks SO delicious…


Sit at the bar next time, and watch the Cheese person working, she chats with you and gives recs. It’s so fun to be a part of it, and partake. Bartender, sadly, is solo, so service can take a while though. Glad you liked Forma, @paranoidgarliclover, especially that you liked the Cacio e Pepe pasta. :smile: