June 2018 Weekend Rundown


Post cheat meal dessert - Oakobing’s strawberry shaved ice with lychee jelly and milk pudding $5.75. One of the few K-shaved ice places that’ll do single servings.

Drove by the other place that does a mini ice, but it appears Okrumong is no more and in the process of being replaced.

It was 85 degrees in K-town today :sunny:


Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe.

Spam Royale for me with (perfect) over-easy egg. My friend had a kalua pork omelette, which came out a bit odd because there were no vegetables whatsoever, and the meat tasted overwhelmingly of Liquid Smoke. The potatoes were good though!

My first visit to the new location. Everyone was nice, but the space isn’t as fun and comfortable as the old place, and the food is definitely different. Low sodium Spam and barely any soy sauce or fat in the Royale. Healthier maybe? :neutral_face:


Lunch on the patio at the Raymond. Protip: patio, even on a cloudy day, is the better seating. (It was nostalgic, I was a waiter there in 1980. The interior hasn’t changed at all and the dark, somber booths are best saved for wet winter evenings). Glass of Pinot Grigio 'cuz it seemed the right speed. The spinach salad with strawberries and shrimp was pretty good stuff…shrimp were perfectly grilled, a nice char/sweetness to the edges, and the berries actually tasted like berry (unlike other strawberries I’ve had lately). My friend enjoyed his Cobb salad…another glass of wine woulda been nice if we’d had more time.


Father’s Day brunch at Petrossian: Smoked fish plate (king salmon, tuna, trout), foie gras torchon, shassetra caviar on blini… Just marvelous!


Sorrento Italian Market.

  • I’ve never seen this here before. Are you selling this now? Do you have other kinds?
  • No, I think that’s from when the aunt [80 years-old] went to Italy last month. I think that’s the last one.
  • Okay, I’ll take it, but I’ll skip the Parmesan this week.
  • I put the Parmesan in the bag anyway. I know you need it.

I love neighborhood stores.:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


No room for risotto?


If only the caviar risotto was available during the daytime…