Key Ingredients


I don’t have to read it. I knew this was coming. Synthetic or whatever truffle oil rarely has truffles in it. What does that have to do with my salt?


Okay, I agree with that part. What to do?


I’ve often wondered if this is why it packs a nice little punch… :thinking:


I have some oil I got cheap at Trader Joe’s a while back but I’m not sure they still sell it.

When I run out I think I’ll buy a little vial of the pure stuff from and make my own.


You may like the black truffle butter they sell at Bay Cities Deli and at Surfa’s. I forget the name, but I’ll snap a pic for you next time I pick some up. Also, Hepp’s truffle salt is very good. I used to get it at the farmers markets, but they moved to Oregon (?) and now sell through Amazon.

I’m not a fan of truffle oil; as you mention, synthetics. :unamused: