Key Ingredients


I don’t have to read it. I knew this was coming. Synthetic or whatever truffle oil rarely has truffles in it. What does that have to do with my salt?


Okay, I agree with that part. What to do?


I’ve often wondered if this is why it packs a nice little punch… :thinking:


I have some oil I got cheap at Trader Joe’s a while back but I’m not sure they still sell it.

When I run out I think I’ll buy a little vial of the pure stuff from and make my own.


You may like the black truffle butter they sell at Bay Cities Deli and at Surfa’s. I forget the name, but I’ll snap a pic for you next time I pick some up. Also, Hepp’s truffle salt is very good. I used to get it at the farmers markets, but they moved to Oregon (?) and now sell through Amazon.

I’m not a fan of truffle oil; as you mention, synthetics. :unamused:


Thanks for the reminder about Truffle Butter @Bookwich.

I bought these at Whole Foods for $10.99 each. So far I’ve only used the white. Not impressed. It’s fine in a sauce, but on its own has a slight astringency. I should mosey over to Surfas like you suggested.

I still love the Urbani Black Truffle Salt. A little pricey at $29.00 but it’s pretty concentrated and a few pinches will do. The thing about me and the Truffle Salt is I’m not really on lookout for Truffle Stuff in general. I just came across it, decided to try it and loved it, so…


Another Favorite Flavor Booster…

Good in Marinade and Dressing. I :heart: it in BBQ Sauce.


I like that white truffle butter on grilled cheese sandwiches.


Good idea!


Maybe worth checking The Truffle Brothers - They have a deli in Mid City but are more famous for supplying truffles and truffle products to LA restaurants. They have the only truffle oil I have ever liked.


You need to get over to Epicurus Gourmet. Same products, better prices.


Can anyone suggest a good online vendor for asian essentials? Amazon doesn’t have everything, and sometimes the AMZ price is crazy compared to the B&M store price.



Define “asian essentials.”

Seriously, if you live in SoCal, and you cannot source whatever “asian essentials” you need, then you your best bet is probably alibaba.


Due to time reasons I just need it shipped to me. The HK Market in Glendale shut down as well, further limiting my options.

Japanese goods in particular are very difficult for me to source locally.


What Japanese goods do you need? I shop at Nijia market on Sawtelle and find it to be well stocked. There is also a Mitsua market close by.


Yeah that’s exactly why I need it shipped…at this point in my life Sawtelle and Tokyo are equally far.


If not Amazon (because not available or too pricey) and you don’t have time to travel to a brick and mortar location, you’re best remaining option is TaskRabbit.



Not a bad suggestion. May be more economical than hiring a PA