Key Ingredients


If anyone comes across this brand can you give me a shoutout? I can’t find it and fear it’s discontinued.

I’ve bought 3 different smoked paprikas but they’re mostly one note: sour paprika and no distinguishable smoke flavor, or two notes: sour paprika and overly-smoked or liquid smoke flavor. Syren has a nice blend of aromas (slightly funky, think Italian sub?), tart & sweet paprika and natural smoke. I like to add smoked paprika to homemade bbq sauce, chili, meat stews, it adds a touch of smokey bbq flavor to oven roasted meats, and it gives vegetarian meatless meat dishes a nice oomph… oh yeah and deviled eggs too. I could go on…

This hot one is not bad, but again with overly-smoked or liquid smoke flavor.



Task Rabbit! You just gave me an idea for getting a case of my favorite, Marshall’s Rib Sauce and Honey Sauce. :yum: They used to sell it at Whole Foods, but now it’s only sold at their restaurant in Ventura. I can’t get them to send me a case and who knows when I’ll make that trip.



I tried Amazon but it’s unavailable. :smirk:


Oh, shit, I missed that.