L.A.'s New England Seafood Shack - Connie & Ted's


No, you’re not the only one. I think that was the criticism people had (on CH?). But many also said that it’s sort of the only game in town for New England style seafood and cheaper than buying a plane ticket…

Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that it tasted like funky cheese. :wink: Guess meant to point out that I’m not super squeamish (usually).

Yup, that’s what tasted like. And that stuff isn’t a flavor that I like (hangs head ashamedly, since I’m sure many others LOVE it).


Hi @LAgirl,

Don’t forget to try some Oysters and their Fish & Chips as well. :wink:


Agree on Jar. Went a couple of weeks ago and it was just as excellent as ever. Great sides, excellent steaks, and the fabulous pot roast. It was moderately busy the middle of the week, but plenty of seats open. Don’t forget about this place or it might be gone before we know it…

And to keep on thread – I like Connie & Ted’s as well, but I basically stick to the fried clams, lobster roll, and pretty much any of the chilled seafood.


The oysters DO look great. I’ll probably pass on the fish & chips (even though I’m sure they’re very good too!) because I actually don’t like fish that much, especially soft-fleshed fish like cod. I’ll eat firmer-fleshed fish like salmon and tuna occasionally, but I have to really be in the mood. I know—weird, but I really like shellfish.


Three words: happy hour oysters


That is amazing! I didn’t even realize they’d offer their amazing Oysters for Happy Hour (but it makes sense). How much are they? :slight_smile:


Can you get a “New England” lobster roll…with mayo not butter?

Great review!


I think they are about half price.


I’ve been meaning to try Connie and Teds forever and thought DineLA might be a good time. But if I were to get the chowder sampler and fried fish sandwich, it would be $23 a la carte, and $25 for DineLA.


Granted, the DineLA deal includes ice tea and a cookie, but I don’t want an ice tea or a cookie. So I think I will stick to my original plan and (someday) hit happy hour instead.


According to the menu, yes: hot or cold, with mayonnaise or butter.


Thanks @catholiver. :slight_smile: Yes, they have New England-style Lobster Rolls there. I’ve tried it once and it was very clean and delicious (with the Mayo). I just happen to like the Connecticut-style with Hot Drawn Butter a bit more is all. :wink:


Hi @Bookwich,

Yah that seems like a better plan. But if happy hour is too inconvenient, try them for a weekend brunch. :slight_smile:


I almost forgot my favorite part, the little yellow hair nets they put on their lemons to keep the seeds out of your food.


I’ve only been once, but I’m right there with you.


Fishing with Dynamite?


Agree - it is fine, nothing more.
And with portion sizes like that minuscule White Seabass/Grilled Catch of the Day (imaged above) the seas will soon enough be sustainable again. The lemon looks like it could eat that fish and still have room for dessert.


If you moved from LA to Providence RI and lived there a while when a solidly good regional Mexican restaurant opened up (Dommy and I haven’t found a good one yet) you might give it higher praises for it than you would if you found said restaurant in LA.


No. I realize this will sound silly but Connie and Ted’s menu has much more in common with the Clam and Lobster shacks in NE than FWD Its like someone wanting Ricky’s fish Tacos but being told to go to Providence. (Edit: scratch that. I can’t think of a closer analogy)


Oh, my… :wink:


Hi @CiaoBob,

LOL! :slight_smile: I definitely agree with the Catch of the Day. :smile:

But I’d say Connie & Ted’s Lobster Roll, 3 styles of Clam Chowders (including the unique Rhode Island Clear), Fish & Chips (and the amazing Fries) and daily revolving influx of fresh Oysters are pretty standout. Where are you favorites for these dishes? Thanks!