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A couple of big leeks came in the produce box today. Ideas for a simple prep?


Just grill them, good olive oil, Meyer lemon juice, Maldon salt.


Vichyssoise. And if you get bored with vichyssoise, add some some pureed roasted red peppers.


Poach (i.e. quick dip in boiling water, no more than 3-4 seconds).

Julienne (trim of the tough parts first)

Then toss with diced garlic, minced ginger, rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of roasted sesame oil right after plating.

(At your discretion, let them rest in the fridge overnight to allow everyone to get to know each other.)


How thick are they?


Green thin part of the leek, melted leek and machengo and bit of Spanish chorizo ommlette. A tiny touch of smoked paprika on top.

Thicker, white part, I would do what @BradFord did. Perhaps grill the Meyer lemon and drizzle over with good olive oil and finish with maldon. If they are really thick (like 2" thick), cut in half and grill.


I picked up some baby leeks at the FM last weekend . Grilled them to where the outside was charred . Then wrapped them in newspaper for around twenty min . I removed them from the paper and peeled back the charred exterior to the tender green inside . Served with a romesco sauce . Fantastic .


We eat leeks with rice and curry back home in Sri Lanka. I don’t cook much but this is a recipe for that dish that I’ve tried and liked:


Catalonia is presenting you an honorary citizenship.


Both sound delicious.

Today, I’m thinking maybe a mussel stew of sorts with white wine, leeks, and nduja or stir-fried X.O. lamb with leeks and onions.


If they were properly grown so that there’s a long white part, there’s nothing better than French-style poireaux vinaigrette.

If they’re the amateur-hour American mess with 2-3 inches of white and a ton of gross thick leaves, use the white like onions and make vegetable stock with the greens.


Mmmm… don’t you love this season?


You should start your own cooking thread “What Emglow101 is Doing.” Just kidding. Who has time for that? But, I’m just sayin’.


I have nothing exciting to report, but the leeks have been consumed.

First leek - sliced thin, sauteed and seasoned, then mixed in with steamed broccoli and rice. Tasty side dish.

Second leek - sliced thin, sauteed w/garlic, then mixed in with steamed broccoli (I also had a ton of this and am going away tomorrow), and mixed into some fettuccine, with some eye-tal-yen cheese and mild red pepper flakes. Nice lunch.

The Sri Lankan leeks will have to wait another day …