Little Fatty Take-Out (Mar Vista): A Pictorial Essay


Not really sure A&J is comparable to Little Fatty (esp. as Status Kuo is the forefather of Little Fatty).


Squid ink xiao long bao.

This was fun. The filling was juicy and the broth was different, but in a good way. Made in house.


I enjoyed those and the soft shell crab bao the other night. The fact that I can have decent alcohol may be dulling my critical nature, but I always leave here happy.


Me too! I didn’t see crab bao on the menu, but it’s nice they’re mixing up the menu. After a brief break, it’s summer basketball season again, so this is my go to place while the boy practices at Mar Vista.

I really like that they have specials now, and the drinks menu is updated and pretty great.


It was a special. Pig ears were on the board that night but my dining companions weren’t listening to me.


Back at Little Fatty/Accomplice Bar, it’s fall basketball season.

The menu has changed up again. Things I miss: beef noodle soup and shanghai porkchop (please bring back #porkchops!).

New things I love:

Hainan Chicken

Beautifully poached chicken, tender and lovingly seasoned. The rice has a lovely balance of chickeny broth, and chicken fat that makes you coming back for one last bite, even when full. I did not eat the chicken skin, but I did pick up the chicken leg and delicately nibbled it to the bone.

Chinese greens

Finally, some greens at Little Fatty! Bok choy and gai lan, very nicely cooked, very nicely seasoned. I thought it was excellent.

I also tried the new sizzling black pepper beef, which is cooked with onions and shishito peppers, and served on a very hot platter (think Asian fajitas). This was also very good. The beef was tender, yet crisp and chewy, and meaty tasting.

The flavors of the dishes are still delicate and refined, but a bit more forward. This is a good thing.

Only caveat: In the two months since I’ve been here, the bar seems to have become a popular Tinder meeting spot. Which is fine! Chef Kuo deserves his success. But it does make it more difficult to find a seat. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: I think it was the sweet and sour pork with the shishito peppers. I don’t recall the specific peppers used in the sizzling beef. Which was awesome, either which way.


So it’s not just the black pepper beef that’s sizzling??? :wink: Har.


Ate in at Little Fatty instead of doing my usual take-out here over the past weekend. We sat on the Accomplice bar side.

Execution and service were terrific.

Beef roll… Taquito-style, with beef au jus dipping sauce.

Green onion bread, Fake Ramos Fizz… The bread/bing was probably the only near-miss of the night (a tad dry, and not moist inside because not much scallions going on inside).

Spicy wonton… Who doesn’t love spicy wonton?!

Leek pie… They do a great, great version of this Beijinger favorite here at Little Fatty.

Sichuan eggplant… Wonderful, aromatic, perfect with some rice.

Hainan chicken rice… As strong a HCR as you’ll find in the SGV. Served with sambal on the side. I like it just a tad better than the Mee & Greet HCR right now. BUT - Where’s the clear broth?!

Taiwanese Sunday Gravy… Perhaps Chef Kuo’s signature dish here. So, so tasty. The braised pork broth permeates into the pasta itself.

Dan dan mian… Another hit.

Seafood clay pot… Another dish which is perfect with some rice.

Mongolian pepper beef… Sizzler.

Taro ice cream with coconut shavings and Thai basil and fried sesame balls stuffed with red bean paste… The sole dessert offering here. But wowee, it is a spectacular one.


I’m on record as a fan.
Just here to say that people shouldn’t skip that dessert!


How was the Hainan chicken? I liked it very much the first time, but then it was too pink the next couple times, so I’ve stayed away since then.


My god that dessert looks amazing