Little Saigon Adventures


I have noticed ocassionally the coconut meat is sometimes not very tender.


Solid thanks. Yes I certainly realize the limits of Yelp and guessed as much when it came to Saigon Beach. And I completely agree about the Costa Mesa scene being quite varied. All the places you mentioned are favorites of mine.

And while we’re on the subject of Vietnamese food outside of Little Saigon, how is East Borough is Costa Mesa?


Never had East Borough but I know of them. It’s at The Camp right? Known for the Pho Baguette which is dipped in some pho broth before being eaten. TBH I am more interested in getting the Kaya Toast and Coffee on the weekend brunch special list than anything. But I am more than open minded in trying their salads, Banh Mi, and Bun dishes


Yup that’s the one. Yeah I saw the OC Register article on the Kaya Toast. Sounds interesting for sure though I’ve never had coconut jam or even heard of it.


Noodle bowl is good, fresh greens. Cha gio is better at 99% of all Viet spots in Westminster/Bolsa area. None of my Viet peeps recommend it.


Hit up Quan Vy Da on Bolsa today. Their banh beo is probably one of the best, if not the best, rendition I’ve ever had. Individually served piping hot in little plastic dishes and generously topped with ground (fresh and dried) shrimp, fried shallots, green onions, and fresh fried chiccharones. Spoon a bit of nuoc mam, and scoop it out to enjoy in one large delightful bite. Most of the table ordered bun rieu oc. In hindsight, I wish I had also ordered banh bot loc, too. These are the kinds of carbs that I love to eat.


Trieu Chau


I do like their Banh Beo as well. The Com Ga/Shredded Chicken Rice is also very good.


I wanna try the Hu Tieu/Mi Sate next at Trieu Chau and maybe even the Bo Kho Hu Tieu/Mi.


Breakfast at Trieu Chau again. I been slacking lately with trying new places/dishes.

Vietnamese breakfast of Xiu Mai and Chinese Donut. The meatball was juicy and tasty, and I like the slice of mushroom and sweet Chinese sausage on top. The Donut was hot and fresh, with no signs of grease or oil with a very small subtle sweetness. This was used to dip in the meatball juices. Very nice. I seen this dish at other Hu Tieu/Mi joints such as Mi La Cay but they used old donuts that was not very appetizing. So I would come here to try this, be aware they sell out of donuts.

Hu Tieu Mi Bo Kho.
Rice and Egg Noodle (thin and thin) with Beef Stew. A little more watery than I like, and a little bland so I threw in some white pepper, chiles, and sate sauce. Maybe this would taste better later in the day. Vietnamese Beef Stew is commonly dipped with lime juice and black pepper.

Obviously the Hu Tieu Nam Vang soup is still the #1 thing to get.


Thien Loc Food To Go

“Food To Go”, if you see this in Little Saigon chances are you can buy large quantities of egg rolls, and spring rolls. Some places also offer porridge, noodles, and beef stew. But I almost guarantee all of them do egg rolls and a big portion of their sales are for that too. So if you got a potluck, or a party this place is something to keep in mind.

In the same plaza as Cococane.

I called the day before and let them know when I’ll come by,my name, and phone number. I think they will do it on the spot but it’s best to call the day before or hours before.
I got 60 egg rolls for $33! Well actually it’s now at 59, because I had to quality control you know!! Tasty as hell, crispy on the outside and a pork-carrot-mushroom filling inside (finely sliced). Personally I prefer it with lettuce, herbs, fish sauce, and chile sauce all wrapped up (am I becoming Viet?) but straight up is good and chances are your family/friends/coworkers prefer it that way.

Chinese may have invented the egg roll but the Vietnamese made it better and I say that as someone of Chinese descent!!!

Happy Independence Day!!


Hanoi Corner

Heard about the Bun Rieu with soft shell crab.

The broth is okay. Not much hint of crab and/or tomato. This bowl really needed to be doctored up. And no limes too!! I am about ready to sadly write this place off. Except I want to try Bun Dau Mam Tom! The first visit they served me some cold bun cha!!! No flavor, aroma, and heat from the grilled pork.

I think for Bun Rieu (and Canh Bun) head over to Quan Bun Ban Mai!!

Like all Vietnamese Noodle Soups, Bun Rieu has many variations and regional differences. The fun part for me besides eating a dish is researching and learning!

Oh and Hanoi Corner gives free drinks for Yelp reviews so be aware. Hate to say this, I am very wary of new places with a lot younger employees…friends/families will boost them on Yelp and social media even if the food does not deserve it.


Au Coeur De Paris, Edinger location. (I think the Euclid one is closed)

Banh Mi Pate Chaud with Cafe Sua Da.

Coffee was great. I like the Banh Mi Pate Chaud concept, but again not a fan of the “bbq pork” at a lot of Vietnamese or Thai places. There was a meatball in there and the veggies had a nice contrast with the buttery flaky chaud. Nice snack though.


Hi @JeetKuneBao and all,

FYI: This Tho 7 Mon restaurant closed already. :frowning: Darn. I was trying to visit it today.


Aww man that is too bad.

Where did you end up going instead? Hopefully Favori for then crispy catfish


OC and Lau’s second location is coming to Garlic and Chives/85/Old Brodard plaza.

Pho Akaushi, is using yes Akaushi beef. It’s on my to-do list.


Is it going into the old Brodard location? I hear their vegetarian experience didn’t pan out.


wait, Brodard moved out of that minimall?


They not only moved out, they donated it to Buddhist temple!

New location is nice! Bar area too.


They moved Brodard operations to Fountain Valley…where business is thriving and all rolls and sauce are still delicious.
The temple came in with a full vegetarian menu with some assist from the Brodard family. However, I’ve heard that it has since closed down.