Locol is shutting down


The small business openings and increased interest in residential properties is more a function of relatively affordable real estate (for now)


Yes, but it’s not the complete picture. Location will ALWAYS matter… There’s a lot of stuff happening in previously underserved West Adams/Jefferson Park areas too now (Ironically I was just talking to neighbors about a new brewery operation opening up)… but similar to the situation with the location we mentioned, it’s almost all happening on the West end… something we call “Culver City Adjacent”. Further, with the three businesses (All owned by women BTW), they landed at there under three different circumstances. It wasn’t just the real estate cost that enticed them to that little corner, one would have moved to a much higher rent area, if they the area didn’t straight out reject her or was willing to help her open at the time she was ready…


I know the back stories as well, but these are pretty much similar if not identical to almost every other small business and individuals who has moved from traditional Westside areas to adjacent neighborhoods, or started up in places like Inglewood due to high rents, regulations, tax issues, etc. The gentrification issue in particular has been going on in earnest for the past two-plus decades.

I don’t think the specifics are revelations to anyone familiar with the gentrification of so many neighborhoods in LA. So, while you give the details, I felt it was pretty obvious.


This is too good, lots of angles on this one.


Ferrous sulfate, maltodextrin, MSG, yeast extract, citric acid, red and yellow dye, whey protein concentrate, sodium diacetate, disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate, yum yum.


Better living through chemistry.


I thought this was an Onion article glancing at the headline.


This probably woulda done better than locol lol






He’s definitely a great self promoter.

If only his food were 1/10 as good as his marketing skills.


I’m almost more mad at him jocking Ali’s cheeto game from Fatimas Grill in Downey, at least he doesn’t pretend his food is bigger than what it is. FWIW, the guy has pretty damn good shawarma too.


A Frame / Chego / Kogi been holding it down for quite some time now

They can’t all be winners.


The ironic thing is that this probably would have sold better in Watts than “foldies.”


Yeah they exist but there’s plenty restaurants that fit that bill.

Out of all of them maybe kogi is worth visiting more than once :thinking:




Fixed it for you!


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