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This is a good analogy, IMHO. Quality is very diff, but so is price. And sometimes cheaper-but-okay is… well, okay. And sometimes you want the higher quality stuff.

@TheCookie: the one time I went to MB, I also found the fatty brisket to be too fatty (and I, as a rule, ADORE beef/pork fat). Don’t recall a chemical taste, though (thankfully).


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But where’s Bludso’s in this comparison?
[/quote]Hi @Chowseeker1999 -

I know that’s a joke. But I’ll bite anyway :wink:. We had exhausted the Bludsoe’s vs Maple Block thing on bulavinaka’s recent thread. That’s why I revived this one, so as not to go even further off-topic by adding HC. I live near Bludsoe’s La Brea and have had it enough to remember anyway :blush:. So IMO it’s better than HC, but not as good as MB, and saltier than both :relaxed:.

Edit: Oh yeah… I only did the sauce mix thing on the brisket.



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I don’t think it is a fair fight to compare the quality of meat and smokning @ MB to HC.
[/quote]:wink: Yeah… I know. But I was in the area and wanted to see for myself.


I like me some fat too. But this was little too much. It goes to the consistency in BBQ discussion we were having. It’s all in the day’s cook. I loved the brisket the time before, but not the chicken. Will order both again.


MB’s Brisket varies widely from transcendent to nearly all fat - even when I have ordered the leaner cut. I think I actually feel “safer” ordering Phillip’s brisket than MB’s.

But for me the day-to-day go-to is spare ribs and their very moist chicken or turkey.

MB’s Prime Rib is a thing of beauty (to share).


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I think I actually feel “safer” ordering Phillip’s brisket than MB’s.
[/quote]Be still my husband’s :heart:. He loves him some Phillip’s (formerly Leo’s). I should have included Phillip’s sauce in the equation. But didn’t want to be too wordy. I love their sauce! Strange because I’m more of a sweet (honey) BBQ sauce girl. But theirs is sooo good. Of course the husband says “Leo’s was better.” Apparently everything was :rolling_eyes:.

A few have also complained about MB brisket being dry.


Oh BTW folks. They had a sign advertising smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving. This could come in handy for some, if it wins DOTM.


I too am a big fan of Phillips sauce (I mix the hot and regular for optimal performance) which is Best in Class. We get a big tray at work every few months and it is always awesome.
Partially burnt rib tips are also a wonder to chomp on. Solid links and beef ribs too.


Oh boy… kindred spirits.


Hi @CiaoBob,

Is this the Phillip’s BBQ on Crenshaw right off the 10 freeway?

I tried that one before (3 years ago) and thought the ribs were just OK; dry and a bit over cooked.


Yep @Chowseeker1999. That’s the one.

I’m with you. The first time I tried the ribs they were sooo good. Next time I had your experience. Since I’m not eating a lot of BBQ or pork anymore (well except for the last couple of weeks :blush:) I haven’t bothered to try it again. But my husband is extremely loyal to Phillip’s. Plus he thinks they’re back on point. He even did a late entry on July DOTM. He does admit Maple Block’s meat is a better quality. But traditionally BBQ places don’t use the kind of meat MB does. It’s the skill in the cooking that makes BBQ great.

I think it speaks to what we’ve been discussing about Q and its consistency. Even the best have off days. If it’s your first time trying a place and it’s a bad day, you’re probably not going back.

I can’t believe I’m spending this much time discussing BBQ. It’s interesting though! To me anyway.


Well, it is a food board, ya know… :thinking::upside_down:


Yeah… I know. I can be a little wordy though. Especially today… home with the flu :mask:.


Nothing like a four-alarm Tom yum to purge anything living in your body. Get better soon!




Hi @TheCookie,

Hope you feel better soon. :persevere:

Good points on the consistency thing: I’m going to chalk it up to bad consistency (at Phillips). The Ribs I had were so bad that I really don’t feel like going back, but I might have to try them again one day. Like you, we don’t eat much BBQ anymore.


I had the same experience as you chowseeker.


Thanks @Chowseeker1999!


Yeah… if you read CiaoBob’s post “Partially burnt rib tips are a wonder to chomp on.” That’s a statement by a real lover of down & dirty old-school BBQ. Me? I’m a BBQ wimp. I wanna’ buy a jug of their sauce and pour it on some chicken thighs and bake them in the oven :blush:.


I am freaking out about their chicken.

Good golly miss molly. I remembered it being good, but that bird I had last night was something else. Just outstanding. The brisket is still so solid, but I had a moment with that chicken mannnn.

That said, lunch is definitely the sweet spot for Maple Block. The lunch platter deals are a steal compared to building a similar meal off the dinner menu. Of course, having leftovers isn’t so bad.