My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds


Resisted the P’nuttles in peanut and sunflower form. Picked up cacahuate japones instead (with the package proudly announcing no added MSG). Also picked up some Morning Stars Farms vegan bowls that contained no processed faux meat, just beans (one edamame, the other chickpeas). Skipped their “chicken” meal starter strips, but a bargain at 99cents for any interested folks. Also picked up some shelf stable Tasty Bite pouches. Resisted the Haagen Dazs salted caramel gelato, regular size for 99cents! Picked up raspberries. Blueberries also in stock. At Ladera Heights location on La Tijera.


You resisted HD gelato salt thingeys?


Um, I need those kernels. NOW.


Okay, I got starstruck “Just 99 cents!” and nabbed the Morningstar “chicken” meal starter strips. Same package $2.50 at grocery outlet and WAY more elsewhere.

After nabbing three bags, at home I suddenly went “Gee, I should have seen if they are edible…”

Googled and - yes. Edible. They are coated in an odd italian herby mixture, I warmed up some with that, some I rinsed it it off. In an odd way, it’s better rinsed - it just becomes this plain, slightly chewy base that soaks up flavors. I put them in a stir fry and they were fine with soy sauce and hot pepper flakes added.

Happy shopping folks!


Thanks for the report back on the strips!


Okay I have neglected to post the one brand I always buy, whenever they have it - Breakstone’s.

Their cottage cheese is the bomb and their fat free sour cream is the only fat free sour cream that actually tastes real and not like a jiggly milk jello.

Anyhoo, was there today and they had the 2% cottage cheese so, a happy dance was danced and into the basket it went.

I also really really like the Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade and keep thinking “What if I didn’t use the full amount of water, made it more like a concentrate and then mixed it with vodka for a low-cal cosmo type drink?”

I haven’t done that yet, but …


Aloha Happy!
That’s great to know about Breakstone’s cottage cheese and sour cream…they always have it but I didn’t know if it was some pedestrian brand or the bomb!

After the last 7 days of wicked heat in So. Cal, I’ve spent everyday in the pool and making lots of killer cottage cheese salads with lots of veggies/fruit.

I looked for their P’ Nuttles but they were out…damn it…

I like the Belly Flops that are Jelly Belly that are the misfits…love ones that are a little odd.

Going today and each shopping experience is a new venture…Love love love .99 cent only store!


I got 3 of them too and I was wondering how to cook them…
Glad to know about the rinse action.


Plumeria -

Breakstone’s is an east coast brand (now owned by kraft.) Breakstone’s is also behind the glory and the joy that is the whipped Tempt tee cream cheese. It’s a brand that’s hard to find out here - that’s why it’s unfamiliar. But it’s an awesome brand.

With this heat you might also indulge in another 99 cents store CA thrill - artichokes. They steam up in the microwave perfectly, no eating up the kitchen and with a little melted lemon butter - yum.


The rinsing make all the difference in the world. Makes them into a dense slightly chickeny tofu - absorbs the flavors you serve them with. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got some Lean Cuisine for the hubs for lunch. . .pizza with 3 meats and Thai beef slices with veggies.
Pure Leaf Green Tea unsweetened…delicious
Frozen blueberries
Purple cauliflower
Jelly Belly 'Flop Belly’s’
3pk of Sargento Cheese snack sticks


Cherries and watermelon


Today was a fast grab and dash - but I still think I did well :wink:

Foster Farms chicken sausage - the Italian seasoned and the chicken & apple.
2, 4oz, jars of capers (time to pick up some lox!)
17oz bag of Farfalle from Italy

And my favorite find -

16 oz. organic strawberries!

I nabbed a tub to put over tomorrows planned french toast and then once I got home, realized they were organic. Score!


Plumeria -

I picked up the Thai Beef Lean Cuisine for my husband as well! And he really likes it.

He’s okay with that pizza but the beef? Two thumbs up.


Oh and also, this -

Dear heavens. Do not bring this into your house unless you have exercise plans.

You try to tell yourself that they are kind of healthy. They are lower in saturated fat. That they are cooked, dried potatoes, not chips.

Then try not to keep eating them.

They are very potato-y. Which as a carb girl, I LOVE. So two, nay, four, five SIX thumbs up for them. But I will be trying to not bring them into my house in the future!


I finally got around to getting that Breakstone’s cottage cheese a couple of days ago…
Very good and I had it with neighbors heirloom tomt’s, avocado, red onion on a bed of butter lettuce with drizzle of Italian dressing with blue cheese…
Perfect after all day in the pool and want a crisp, cool salad.

Gotta check out those Whole Cuts…


Oooh - your salad sounds awesome!

Glad you liked the breakstones!


Latest haul from my beloved .99 cents only store. . .

Original Triscuits organic with sea salt
Tim Tams!!
Nature Made Blueberry 8pk
Best Foods Vegan mayo. . .this is very good sh*t man!


Tim tams? For reals!!!

And I have not tried the vegan mayo. Have seen but not tried - good to know it’s good.

I just picked up a jar of the Kraft Avocado mayo. Reduced fat, which I do like and two of my other 99 cent pals have tried it and said it’s good. Don’t know it it’s Best Foods good but, for 99 cents I will give it a try : )


Tim tams? For reals!!!’ . . .for reals player.