N/naka ...101


By all means, PLEASE report back!


Probably my absolute biggest problem is that I CAN’T just go. I don’t have any insider connections here, the place is super small, and I can’t even figure out when their Resy app refereshes…

Like I know I was being a bit of a snark in the Bestia thread, but I actually do get why a lot of people don’t eat there…I only eat at Bestia because it’s a place you can walk into with SOME potential (potential that fits my lifestyle perfectly).

I’m not pissed off at N/Naka, or going to say it is a restaurant not worth going to like people seem to think Bestia is because of its wait times, but N/Naka is legitimately almost impossible to get into it seems. So adventurers like me as pretty much excluded. I think I am planning on being out of LA in 3 months time, and that is the minimum possible wait time…

It is pretty shocking. I can get a table at any of the 3-michelin star places up in SF within like 2 weeks =/

If I could squeeze in tomorrow night somehow by dining at midnight, or 4:30 or something I would definitely just go to N/Naka. Sigh.


$1,000 per person?


Can you go as a single diner to N/Naka? Or two top minimum?


I suspect if you emailed them, (or even better I believe - dropped in one night when they are serving) and asked if there is a way to dine solo they may accommodate you.
And probably almost any night of your choosing. Likely at the counter (not really a bar but workable). This is pure speculation I never asked. For the hours you usually keep - you would love the late seating. 9-12:30. Ask to speak to Jeffry.


True… Planning that far ahead is probably a deterrent for a lot of people.

As far as being “snarky” goes, don’t worry about it. That keeps things lively.


Unless they have changed their policy since my most recent visit last year, solo diners are welcome and treated with the same care as larger parties.


comparing picking a brain surgeon for a life and death operation to going out to fucking dinner
is like comparing apples to a reasonable discussion of paul newman’s
sports jackets in ‘the hustler.’


Though n/naka costs as much as a craniotomy, but less than Fast Eddy would pay for some trim.


Sorry, no. For two.


bob…have you SEEN fast eddie? trim pays HIM.



Is that just food?


Nope. As I mentioned above, that includes the wine pairing which I can’t imagine not having :slight_smile:


Wow. I didn’t realize Noma was that cheap! Why all the US places gotta be so spensive?? :frowning:


I had a reservation for two on my birthday this past February. My dining companion had to go out of town for work at the last minute and I couldn’t find another in the 11th hour. I contacted Jeffry and asked if I could dine solo. It was one of my best experiences at n/naka ever. I brought my ipad and planned my March trip to Italy while I was eating a predictably delicious meal. Niki, Jeffry, and the entire staff could not have been more wonderful. It was kind of nice to go by myself one time and just have a few hours to meditate and savor the meal on my own. One of my best birthday meals for sure and I would not hesitate to do it again.


solo birthday dinner at n/naka, an introvert’s dream.


That’s pretty cool. I’m trying to expand my sushi and Japanese food knowledge and was thinking of dining alone for a while. It’s cool that n/naka is laid back enough that you feel comfortable being on your iPad. I’m so curious about this place… In case you haven’t noticed :slight_smile:.




Yeah, thank you for that, I appreciated it a lot. It is nice to understand a bit more about what is going on, because, for example, a dish like that wagyu and foie gras comes across sort of pedestrian in a way without the more subtle contextual cues and composition notes you provided. Much appreciated.


Will be going for a late seating this week, for our first meal, and I’m greatly looking forward to it.