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You have a great sense of humor!


Saison costs about $1,000 per person, Benu is like $600, Atelier Crenn is $500. =(


The US has a few places on this list :slight_smile:



I think U.S has the most expensive pricing for 3*.


Wtf is with that?


Exchange rate.

For example, for Noma, the dollar trades at about 1:6 (or 1:7) for every Krone. So a meal with wine pairing at Noma, which runs you around 3000 DKK, while exorbitant by Danish standards, is a relative bargain by US standards after taking into account the exchange. #StrongDollarRocks

The other thing to remember is that rents, and the cost of compliance with state and federal regs, are much higher generally in the US than in RoW.

Plus, at least with Noma, they’re just fucking serving you weeds they found around their property.


saison is 400pp for food including service. ~700 with pairing.


All those numbers by @Aesthete are closer to “per couple” not per person.

For example, post price increase at Crenn, it is 298/person, food only. And Benu is only something like $230/person, with wine paring around $160/person.


I am including wine pairings. Since thy were included in the Noma price.


Benu is up at $268 plus mandatory 20% service and 10.5% sales tax in SF.


Well the 3000 DKK for Noma doesn’t include tip (or, “service charge”). And while Danes don’t tip as Uh-meri-Kans do, it’s still around 10%.


Dinner for two is just barely over $1k. (Not that that’s chump change!)


When was the last time
You are at Saison?..

By the time you add in mandatory 20% service and 10.5% tax it is much closer to $1,000 per person if you get food and wine pairings.

I ate there in December and I doubt prices have plunged by $300 per person since then.


Oh shit I thought it was all in. But still just $550!


Like I said, they’re just tweezer-ifying weeds they find around the restaurant.


I take it you really hate the place?


I am pretty sure pricking has gone up since that was written hah.


I’m joking.


As as matter of fact, yes. But with the 20% and the sales tax it comes in at around $330…without wine. Per person.


The last time i ate there was before their current price hike to $398 pp inclusive of service.

Assuming this article is still current, food including service is $398, wine pairing is $298, tax is $73 = $769pp