N/naka ...101


You forgetting 20% mandatory service on top of tax my friend:

$769 x 20% = $154

$769 + $154 = $924

Alright fine closer to $900 per person bu closer to $1,000 than $700.


Discussion about prices including wine pairings though.

I can’t actually find the cost of their pairings however haha

I think it must be closer to $600 person though?


You’re right, i thought the $398 was inclusive of service similar to tfl. I guess not.


what do you call hijacking a thread started by hijacking a thread?
just asking.


They’ll probably stop soon.






And ants. :slight_smile:


I believe there was a post wedged between these fascinating cost analyses, by someone who is going to n/naka this week. Whoever you are, please give us a report… If you feel like it.

Okay, carry on brainiacs.


Ha. That is me, and I will.

As I said, our first time. Accordingly, we’re doing both menus. I think that confused them when I confirmed the reservation … especially as we are both “eat/try anything” types.

Should be fun!


Mea culpa. I’m afraid I started it by just saying that I can’t bring myself to pay prices like that.


It’s okay cat. I’m one of the culprits who caused ipse to split the thread in the first place. I actually find it kind of amusing, and wonder who’s going to say something first.


Snakes on a plane?


By both do you mean the vegetarian and the modern?
I personally would be a little wary of getting the vegetarian menu – as much as I admire Niki, it is hard to imagine it being something as good or better than the modern but who knows?


Yes. Both Modern and Vegetarian. Both look fantastic, online, and we’ve sort of worked sharing - even tasting menu sized portions - into an art form unto itself.


This is a great approach. We did precisely this and it worked a peach. Loved being able to try more dishes. I posted some pics of our vegetarian meal here a while back.


Pro-tip: after your meal, if you write a note saying that 80% of the dishes were great, you’ll get a second meal on the house! (Kiddingggg)


Fucking Outed.


I know. He’s really funny. His posts always crack me up.




Second that.

Plus, CB, you’re off to vegetarian maestro Alain Passard’s L’Arpège soon anyways. Food-only, that lunch menu was at “steal” at 290€ per person. And that ain’t no fucking joke.