NYC food lover & fam coming to visit LA


Akin, equal and better???


Think he meant akin…


The condiments for the fish plate alone are worthy of a trip to Gjusta.


The salads are what keep me coming back.


I get the feeling that Robert went to Gjusta in it’s earlier days. The problems he mention remind of that time. Same with the smoked fish. I didn’t care for a lot of the items in that case at first. Dry, over or under smoked. The same items I thought were bad are now better - far better.


Sweet potato taco at guerrilla tacos
Mushroom taco at b.s. taqueria


I’d not encourage any one to eat at Empellon. I’ve not been to the kitchen table or w/e, but the other spots are absurdly overrated.

Empellon al Pastor should only be visited for their guacamole. The one in the west village was legitimately the worst meal I had in two years in NYC. A terrible fish taco, a queso-bastardization, ugh. And the new flagship is remarkably sterile, with fun desserts and very mediocre (and expensive) savories.


So akin/similar, but not equal or better.


This is great, thanks!!


Top of the list, thanks!


Empellon al Pastor is right around the corner from me, and has left me deeply unimpressed.


Speak of the gdevil!


Thanks for the additional info, @chowseeker1999 !


I went to Gjusta in July 2016.


No so sure that is gonna work for
"[beef and chicken] if they’re ethically raised." LOL


ha! Well, too bad for them :wink:


That’s a while ago for Gjusta.


The salads actually allow me to order salads. :joy::innocent:


I will just list what I consider the most noteworthy restaurants in LA:

Here’s Looking at You
Pizzeria Mozza
Osteria Mozza


i really like Here’s Looking At You, had the food there for the first time last month and thought it was delicious.