NYC food lover & fam coming to visit LA


Went this weekend and it remains excellent.


What do your GF and daughter want to eat? I think everyone gave you some good suggestions for good food in the area, but if your daughter has her heart set on eating In N Out or a tofu taco from the Kogi truck, she’ll be pissed if she doesn’t get them.


If on Tuesday going to Santa Clarita, detour in Universal City for kogi truck / In n Out bang bang.


Been to Gjusta twice at night on a weekend. Have never had a prob finding parking right outside. I think going early or (relatively) late (i.e., anytime for dinner) is the way to go here.


I think lots people over think these things.

I think if a person is visiting a city, instead of looking for something that one can’t back at “home” (or something that is better than it is at “home”), why not just find the best the city has to offer.

I mean, I can’t imagine not having ramen when I’m in NYC, even though I can get perfectly great ramen in LA. Or not enjoying pizza in either SF or NYC, even though the pies in LA really take a back seat to no one. And burgers, I’ll eat a good burger in any city (esp. the burger at Raoul’s in SoHo), even though I love me the burgers at Belcampo, Father’s Office and Hinoki & the Bird.


People keep remarking on the same problems I had with the place, even if they jump through hoops to phrase them positively.


I want new food or the best food. For example:

Montana - Game meat, huckleberries
Wisconsin - Cheese curds, walleye
Seattle - Salmon
Ensenada - Fish tacos
Germany - Sausage, sauerkraut
Vienna - Pastries
Greece - Yoghurt

Why go somewhere and simply eat the same kind of food of which a decent version is available everywhere (pizza, burgers, ramen, roast Brussels sprouts)? I’d rather eat food that a particular place does better, and with fresher local ingredients.


go to Jun Won and Guelzaguetza (when music is on)


I was just in NYC and I missed good (or even great ramen??? Shit).
I did have Raoul’s Burger (I’m not a burger geek but it was very good - fries where a let down, my Mom sent her’s back because they weren’t hot).
My best bite was Very Fresh Noodle at Chelsea market.
Also enjoyed a new place Ferris very much.
King, Via Carotta, and Emily (excellent square pizza and better burger than Raoul’s) were all excellent as well.


Jun Won was what I was thinking of when I asked @Howdini about seafood.

I think all the Oaxacan places I’ve been to have been very vegetarian-friendly.


Maybe my judgement and tastes are clouded. But I don’t see these problems there much at all.


Oh yes - had a very avarage time at Tetsu.


Ramen Lab next time.

This month’s menu
Creamy pork bone broth with sake lees foam, pork belly, fishcake,
scallions, red ginger pickles, sesame seeds, anchovy oil, seaweed

Clear pork bone broth with fish broth, sake lees omelette,
pork belly, fishcake, scallions, red ginger pickles




Nah, I went on a Sat at 12:30pm recently, ordered, sat down, ate and left in 30 minutes. This was a party of 5.

The food was delicious, the staff brought us extra silverware and napkins, and the counter staff were very gracious to explain some of the veggie dishes.


How or why did you end up in Tetsu?


Yeah, I think a lot of these issues that were diminshing the experience have been worked out over time. The one issue for me that has yet to be addressed is the lack of beer & wine.


So if you visited Alaska, you’d rather have Akutaq than a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie for dessert?

More power to you.


I don’t like sweets, so neither. I would eat berries and king crab and caribou.


“Honor thy Mother.”
Though I fought a losing battle against it.