Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


No cheese?


Sorry, yes cheese.


Yep. Call ahead to avoid heartbreak.



Never apologize for cheese! Unfortunately, I’m around UCLA two mornings a week. Close encounters of the pastrami kind coming up.


Have you tried their tacos?


Not yet, this was my first time here…I took some burritos home to reheat later, chorizo and egg, BBQ Korean burrito, and fried cod Burrito. They are all gigantic and will probably last me a week . My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach.


A POUND??? Good grief, you could order one of those things and call it a day…

Does look delicious, though.


Wow, that looks amazing! I always get the veggie or chorizo breakfast burrito at Tacos Tu Madre because I assumed the pastrami was low quality. But the pastrami in your pic actually looks pretty delicious!

@bulavinaka asked about the tacos. They’re tasty but tiny and overpriced imo. The flavors are on point, especially the crispy chicken, lamb birria, and duck mole, but they’re so small I need 4-5 tacos to fill me up. At $3-$4 apiece, it adds up quick. Also, the lack of a salsa bar is a big strike against them imo.

They just started serving regular burritos in addition to the breakfast ones. They’re expensive too ($8-$12) but are enormous and filling and ultimately a better vehicle for the fillings imo. I like the lamb birria burrito without rice.


I have. Won’t again. Nothing special. Crunchy Fish taco was particularly disappointing with an overwhelming amount of breading and crema. The size of the burritos is about the only thing worth noting but it is 95% packed with poorly seasoned rice. Duck taco was the best of the bunch, if you find yourself there and are forced to eat by your captors. When we were there last week they were filming for a Food Network that ties this place and the King’s Hawaiian Truck together (not sure why the two are connected though). Because they were making extra food for the crew, we got to try lots of freebies, FWIW. Unfortunately, nothing was worth the (free) price.


Really? That’s weird. I’ve had the burritos a few times, and while I agree the rice is forgettable, there usually isn’t that much rice on the burrito.


Only one visit so maybe it was a mistake but the thing was a rice bomb with little carne asada. The rice had a strangely bright “day-Glo ish” yellow color, rather than the pale yellow-red that well seasoned Mexican rice has.


Blech. Don’t blame you one bit. I wouldn’t go back after that either.


FYI: Tacos Tu Madre opens their second location tomorrow (4/7) in Los Feliz on Vermont right next to the Los Feliz Theater.


Today I went to Brent’s and got a pastrami – but I asked for it hand-cut. Waitress asked how thick, they’d do it any way I like.


I said “however the cooks want to slice it” :slight_smile:

The result:


Today at Langer’s. Bill & Norm.


So what does Bill eat at Langer’s??? isn’t he vegetarian or vegan now? anything that’s worth going out of your way for-like the pastrami…


Wasn’t veg on the show…


Finally had a chance to try Wexler’s yesterday. I know that place gets some grief, but my pastrami sandwich was outstanding. My only complaint was I thought the spicing in the rub could have been more assertive.


I love Wexler’s MacArthur Park reuben. Totally dream worthy.


Oinkster Hollywood.