Pastrami, Glorious Pastrami


Cinnamon Raisin… like in Seinfeld.


my memory lapse…i thought it was marble babka on Seinfeld…thanks for the correction, Gr8pimpin


iirc, twas a marble RYE jerry stole from the old bag.
though there was a babka-centric episode.

cliff cleven


That was a marble rye. lol!

Sorry, I thought you were asking a serious question on what kind of bobka to get at Bea’s :slight_smile:


this is where tv internet and real life converge! ha,ha!


FYI, you can also get the pastrami on their kaiser roll too. Haven’t tried it but looks very promising.


Just got this email today!!!
Langer’s Deli 70th Anniversary Event
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Half-Price Menu for All Dine-In Customers


I would gladly pay full-price to avoid that madhouse.


saving $8 isn’t worth THAT much to me.


Cool, but going to be a circus for sure!!!


Both a circus and a zoo!


Here is the press release:
LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2017 – Langer’s Delicatessen-Restaurant, widely recognized as the home of the world’s best pastrami, will be celebrating its 70th anniversary on Saturday, June 17, 2017, with a half-price menu for all their dine-in customers.
Just announced by Norm Langer, the half-price menu will be available from 8AM to 4PM Pacific time at their historic deli location of 7th and Alvarado in Los Angeles. “We wanted to do something to tell our customers ‘thank you’ for supporting us all these years,” said Langer. “It’s our way of telling everyone how much we appreciate their business.”
Norm’s parents Al and Jean Langer started the deli on June 17, 1947, with a 12-seat deli (presently the middle section of Langer’s), and grew over the years to become recognized as one of the restaurant industry’s most revered icons, even earning a Bertolli America’s Classics Award from the James Beard Foundation in 2001.
Deli lovers will be able to order anything on the menu at Langer’s Deli on Saturday, June 17th, and pay just half the menu price. (To-go, curb service, catering and delivery orders are regular menu pricing.) To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply come to Langer’s at 704 South Alvarado, Los Angeles 90057, and dine at the counter or a booth in the classic retro deli.
What’ll it be? The world-famous #19 pastrami sandwich (pastrami, cole slaw, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing on double-baked rye)? Or a corned beef on rye? Or Langer’s popular pastrami chili cheese fries? They’re all HALF-PRICE on SATURDAY ONLY.
So we’ll see everyone here! Everyone at Langer’s Deli looks forward to serving our loyal customers on this special, 70th anniversary day.
Thank you for 70 wonderful years, Los Angeles – The Langer Family


I wish!! Will be way too crowded for my taste.

I will go to Brent’s, have them make me a handsliced pastrami and pretend I got it at Langers.


It might be your only chance to order a #9.5.


Any one in line today for the Langer’s 70th? If so how long is the wait???


Another Brent’s black pastrami rueben…


Anyone been to Wexler’s Century City yet? According to this press release, they opened on August 10th, and you can order from them online at Wexler’s website:


No, but I normally hit the Gelson’s salad bar downstairs for my Fri lunch. My waistline will not be happy, but I’m willing to sacrifice for the team… :wink:


Not open yet. Looks like there’s about 5 places left to open in the food court (Tipsy Cow, Roti’s Artisanal Creamery, some Poke place, Pastabar [w/ a backward “S”]). I think I saw Micah Wexler walking around the food court.


So this went down yesterday. #44 and pastrami chili cheese fries. Almost fell asleep at my desk afterward.