Petit Trois


Langoustinos no problem, carabineros a bit harder and percerbes would need to call a customer.


My directions were slightly off. You can enter going west on Sherman Way. Its the first left you can make after Laurel Cyn. Going east its several driveways past Lamps Plus, the second to the last driveway before you hit Laurel Cyn. They had salt packed anchovies in a reasonable amount, as well as Mother-in-Law’s gochujang today.



Ah, there’s your reason for the confusion. It’s YANNY Cyn.


The GPS functions on the phones (both iPhones and Google) do a great job of getting you there if you plug in the right address. I’ve done it a few times with much success.


Would you please share the names of any of these distributors who sell retail as well. Thank you.


One of my favorite scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window is a dolled up Grace Kelly serving a wheelchair bound Jimmy Stewart Lobster Thermidor with Matchstick Fries, delivered personally by a white-tied waiter from the restaurant 21.


Stop it. You are going to make me watch a marathon of Rear Window, Vertigo, North By Northwest, and Psycho. Thanks for the indirect reminder on how horrible Hollywood movies are right now and how movie stars are complete trash compared to Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.

To keep it related the omelette is great here!


Double thumbs up.

North by Northwest and Psycho were on TV yesterday… and I have Rear Window saved in every DVR box we’ve ever owned.


Je suis d’accord. Here is another gratuitous shot of my omelette at Petit Trois Le Valley on Bastille Day:


So is that the same restaurant as this thread?


Second location. Expanded menu.


Looks lovely, @J_L! I’ve had it before…your photo seems to have less Boursin cheese than I remember. Was there enough?


It wasn’t cheese-forward, but luckily, as I ate on, this lovely omelette proved to be more cheese-backward (?!)… :slight_smile:


Sorry for the indirect bump but wasn’t sure where else to put this. Might be in luck soon on those carabineros but they’ll be from australia aka scarlet prawns off of cape moreton but they won’t be cheap. Pricing to distributors is prob going to be close to $30/lb so probably won’t have too many takers. Majority of the catch is U4,U6, U8 Scarlets, being packed NZ Scampi style in 2 kg net weight boxes.

Taking preorders! :rofl:


Darn wrong part of the country at the moment!!! :cry:

On a related note, prepared this for dinner. Rendered carabineros head (used as sauce), shelled carabineros and mentaiko pasta. Finished off with a generous spritz of lemon…

@not_tellin Hmmm I think I know who these are coming from :wink:


A bit more up the chain but close enough!


PM’ing you…


I’m the dissenter here because I did not enjoy my meal at Petit Trois at all. Omelettes are among my favorite of all food and I was in the vicinity this afternoon of the original Highland branch, so decided to pop in specifically to try the omelette.

The omelette was certainly beautiful, but I did not find it delicious and I would have preferred something less beautiful and more delicious. I found the omelette oversalted, undercooked (there is a delicate balance between overcooked and undercooked) and too much boursin. To me, the whole thing just tasted like a pile of salt mush once you bit into it. I don’t know if it is because I am using better quality eggs (I always try to use extremely fresh pastured eggs) or I prefer my own seasoning or I can precisely control the doneness when I am in front of the pan, but I find my own home-cooked omelettes much tastier, although they are not nearly as pretty. I rarely leave food on my plate, but I wanted to stop after eating a 1/4 of the omelette, but made it to 1/2 before putting my fork aside and saying to myself that the calories just weren’t worth it.

Wasn’t in love with vaunted bread and butter either. I found the butter too salty and the baguette just okay – like the one at Republique more.

Extremely limited wine list. I ended up with an $18 glass of Loire chenin blanc that was very vin de table. And, of course, as a wine person, I hated it being served in a tumbler, although I guess it was in keeping with vin de table quality of the wine.

The check hurt. 18% auto-gratuity and I added on $2 because the server and host were nice, so total was $48.62. All I could think was that I need to stop eating out in L.A. and that for almost $49, I could have procured a very nice bottle of wine to cellar instead of wasting that amount of money on lunch at Petit Trois.

Finally, it’s not like I didn’t think the food was that great, but that it was a pleasant place to while away a Sunday afternoon. Before going, I didn’t quite realize how small the place is and that the seating was a cramped fast food-style wall counter. I’m a native Angelino, but there is so much that I just don’t get about L.A.-style eating and I most definitely do not agree with Eater that California is where it’s at now for food. I can think of lots of places in New York where I could have had a perfectly lovely omelette on a Sunday, together with pleasant seating, a decent wine list and real wine glasses for the same price as Petit Trois or only slightly more.


As I nosh down my $20 bowl of ramen and recall a surly Stephen Starr trying to mow me down repeatedly at Le CouCou yesterday as I stand waiting for 5+ mins for simple a yes/no table available (apparently it takes 4 people to analyze their reservation system). I miss the $1 taco trucks, Persian kebabs, Noodle Boy wonton soup etc in LA :sob: