Petit Trois


Langoustinos no problem, carabineros a bit harder and percerbes would need to call a customer.


My directions were slightly off. You can enter going west on Sherman Way. Its the first left you can make after Laurel Cyn. Going east its several driveways past Lamps Plus, the second to the last driveway before you hit Laurel Cyn. They had salt packed anchovies in a reasonable amount, as well as Mother-in-Law’s gochujang today.



Ah, there’s your reason for the confusion. It’s YANNY Cyn.


The GPS functions on the phones (both iPhones and Google) do a great job of getting you there if you plug in the right address. I’ve done it a few times with much success.


Had the Lobster Thermidor at the OG location for $45. I only found out about it last night after dining next door at Trois Mec for GNO last night. Made a beeline back in daytime traffic today ‘cuz it’s such a difficult dish to find nowadays.

1/2 a lobster bathed in silky, cheese laden Mornay sauce and then browned with some gruyere cheese on top. Took pieces of the complimentary baguette to scoop up every last bit of sauce and meat, yum.

Quite a splurge $$ and calorie wise, but no regrets. It’s gonna be homemade protein shakes in my house for the next week.


@Sgee La Tienda sells Percebes from Oregon.

Never knew about Percebes until I read your post, thanks!


Would you please share the names of any of these distributors who sell retail as well. Thank you.


One of my favorite scenes in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window is a dolled up Grace Kelly serving a wheelchair bound Jimmy Stewart Lobster Thermidor with Matchstick Fries, delivered personally by a white-tied waiter from the restaurant 21.


Stop it. You are going to make me watch a marathon of Rear Window, Vertigo, North By Northwest, and Psycho. Thanks for the indirect reminder on how horrible Hollywood movies are right now and how movie stars are complete trash compared to Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.

To keep it related the omelette is great here!


Double thumbs up.

North by Northwest and Psycho were on TV yesterday… and I have Rear Window saved in every DVR box we’ve ever owned.


Je suis d’accord. Here is another gratuitous shot of my omelette at Petit Trois Le Valley on Bastille Day:


So is that the same restaurant as this thread?


Second location. Expanded menu.


Looks lovely, @J_L! I’ve had it before…your photo seems to have less Boursin cheese than I remember. Was there enough?


It wasn’t cheese-forward, but luckily, as I ate on, this lovely omelette proved to be more cheese-backward (?!)… :slight_smile: