Pick my birthday dinner


For my money, it would be Republique without a doubt. Just make sure you get a table in the back room or upstairs.


All reviews should come with reaction shots.

This pepper tastes like babies.


I second Republique


Thanks. I’ll read the menu again. the only without a doubt for me in this town is Chi Spacca currently


We went to Odys & Penelope on a Friday night.


same here. smoked beef ribs, the smoked chicken, the mushrooms. all great when i went not too long ago.


Can’t argue with Chi Spacca. I’ve celebrated a birthday there myself!


Dangit. Yall talked me into changing to Republique. Haven’t been in a long time and pics look reedonk


Your kid will really enjoy it. We look ours to dinner there a while back, and they had a great time.


Good call. A celebration like this needs a sure thing.
The space is great. The food is stellar. Enjoy and happy birthday!