Pizzeria Vetri


Came here to a packed house after the eagles parade. This was my first time back since vetri sold out to urban outfitters.

I usually get their square sicilian slice of the day but they were sold out. The Neapolitan pizza and calzone were good, not great. But their fucking rotolo was as good as ever. It’s like a cross between a garlic knot, pizza, and a calzone. The toasted and crispy dough on the outside along with the soft and chewy dough on the inside with layers of cheese and meat soaked with the pistachio, garlic and olive oil pesto is the perfect bite, incredible.

rotolo - pizza dough, mortadella, ricotta, pistachio pesto

meatballs - pork, marinara, parmigiana, parsely


finoccio calzone - sausage, toasted fennel seed, mozzarella, parmigiano, tomato sauce

cannoli - ricotta, candied citrus, chocolate, pistachio


Damn, that looks good!!!