Porridge + Puffs


looks like you can get your samphire fix here without having to go to vespertine.


Porridge + Puffs
2801 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(323) 476-7600


I loved her porridge when she was next to the Hollywood Farmer’s market. Too bad they’re only open for lunch.
Here’s a pic of my favorite one, the Chicken + mushroom


I’ve been to their new brick and mortar location now, twice. It’s still a work in progress, but the food is just as good as before.


Just had lunch there. Just loves how she can morph something so common and homey in so many cultures into something elevates it into something unique and interesting. Comforts of home, but a creativity of a chef. It’s Creativity that’s thoughtful as well as delicious.

Nicely charred eggplant, love the combination of zest and fried lime leaf.

slaw, nice and light. Black sesame is interest touch.

Three porridges: chicken and mushroom, Yakimiso sausage, both delicious, but the last was most creative and interesting—pennywort, fried water spinach, and fried Amaranth flowers.

As someone who makes porridge all the time, I’m amazed. she’s Clearly put much more thought into this than I can ever imagine possible. So unique and nothing like this anywhere.

Still in soft opening—puffs came out as we were eating the porridge. Came also with sweet dipping sauces—didn’t know if we should have dipped in the porridge like Chinese donuts, or dip in sauces as desert. Texture is Mochi chewy, but puffed with slight crisp like combination of Vietnamese banh cam and banh tieu.

Browned butter Mochi. So simple, yet delicious. She’s a master of all things Mochi.

A winner—can’t wait till she expands for brunch and