Post Your Daily Sandwich


it was only okay for me.


Fair enough.
Gjusta has a porchetta sandwich, too. It’s not bad, but I’d prefer it paired with something more acidic to cut through the richness.
I’ll keep thinking on it.
@TheCookie’s rec for Angelini might be the move. I haven’t tried it, but usually everything they do is at least very good and sometimes great.


come to think of it, Angelini’s was indeed the best one I’ve had. But it wasn’t good enough for me to remember having it until you mentioned it.


Honestly not loving anything about the way that plate looks.
It may just be that you don’t generally like porchetta, though. There still might be one out there that works for you, but it could be a long slog.
If you’re in SF, @CiaoBob’s suggestion of Roli Roti is solid. I’d check to see if Cotogna is doing their porchetta, too. Not a sandwich, but it’s kinda legendary.
Ima keep my eyes peeled for you.


Conveniently I’m in SF at least 3x a year, and we love the ferry building! Do y’all think I can get this postmated to me at Ocean Beach? Lol

And yeah it was basically turkey dinner except with pork, and I remember wishing there was a lot more skin. Ugly delicious - but not that delicious.


Hi @frommtron -

Did you try the porchetta melt? It is topped with really tart rapini (broccoli rabe) and red onions. I prefer the savory one with horseradish. But the melt should fit your acidic bill.


I :heart: Angelini. And they serve a lovely porchetta, sliced tableside.That is why I feel like I’m cheating on them when I say Factory Kitchen serves my favorite porchetta… but they do.


I did. I much prefer the butcher myself. The porchetta + cheese combination wasn’t for me.
The butcher is a solid sandwich, though.


Maybe you could get a little of the rapini on your butcher sandwich. :wink:


Maybe. I didn’t find that rapini to be tart. It was nicely bitter, but . . . I didn’t get much tartness the only time I strayed from the butcher.
I think a tart salsa verde or gremolata is the way to go for my tastes.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not too picky. What I am is an incorrigible nit-picker.
I’ve got The Kroft at #1 and Gjusta’s butcher at #2 for my LA-area tops, but I think my list just means I need to get out more.


Ahhh… “a tart salsa verde or gremolata” I get it. You’re right, the rapini is more bitter. It’s been a while, but I think they do marinate or dress it. Whatever it is I wasn’t in love with it. I’m mostly a savory sandwich kinda’ girl. Though I do like a lite schmear of good mustard or the juicy, salty, vinegary heat from a peperoncino.


Gjusta Lox & Bagel


That’s so pretty.


next time, grab a bottle of this on the shelf behind you and be prepared to spread it on every bit of toast and eggs you have. a nice dollop goes great in a homemade bowl of chicken soup as well. it’ll def wake up the sandwich.


Ohhh… I’m at Eataly right now. I am so gonna’ look for this.


Eataly - Century City

Lunching at Eataly for 1st time and came across this.

Notice the Wednesday Special.

Picked up a few provisions

And decided to make my own Porchetta sandwich

Porchetta (this was more like mild ham), chopped up Broccoli & Calabrian Peppers in Oil, lite spread of Veganaise and drizzle of Arbequina Olive Oil on simple Baguette. Next time I’m going harder with the Peppers.


Looks good. And I am willing to bet it tastes much better than the pre-made porchetta sandwiches they have that are ready-to-eat.


Thanks @frommtron - More economical too. The package makes 2 nice sized sandwiches. Still, I wouldn’t quite call it Porchetta. It was more like ham w/herbs.


Yeah. There’s a type of porchetta that is a cured deli meat product. It’s a real thing. It’s also not really what most of us want when we think of porchetta roast.

Amelia’s on Main Street in Santa Monica (of all places) does an interesting sandwich with a housemade porchetta cold cut. It’s really pretty good if you want a ham sandwich.


I do like ham sandwiches.