Post Your Daily Sandwich


Okay, maybe not HR level, but it looks really :yum:.


Brent’s Deli, Northridge.

1/2 corned beef reuben with a meat knish with gravy to wash it down.


Brent’s Northridge


Black pastrami reuben?


Yes, it certainly is!


We’ve yet to make it there, since even when we’re in L.A. it’s kind of out of the way for us. So how are their other deli items? Particularly, do they have good latkes? I’ve really been craving some, and the ones I’ve tried at the delis here in Vegas suck badly. They really need to be made fresh to be good, but I’m not about to grease up our house making them.




deep-fried mozzarella di bufala


The #4 extra spread with an extra ramekin of cornichons and olives on baguette has been my go to for a decade


You have an interesting concept of sandwich.


I didn’t include the word “sandwich” because I thought that was a given in this topic.

It was basically a grilled cheese sandwich only deep-fried instead of griddled.


Same concept as a Monte Cristo sandwich.


No powdered sugar, thank god.


I had a croque monsieur today. It was delightful.

As presented.

After I flipped the top slice.


A revisit to Wax Paper after a long hiatus. Somehow this is less than I remembered. Too much vinegar/pickle action going on, takes away too much of the salty meaty goodness. $14 seems cheap to me these days.

A bit up the street, a brisket sandwich from Kings Deli. They bill themselves as a NY style deli, which to me translates to good meats, terrible bread, and a bill a few dollars higher than you’d expect. But hey this brisket kicks ass, the French roll is good enough, and the seemingly homemade potato salad almost makes up for the Smart and Final mustard.


Double Clucker from Crack Shack. Ironically, the best sandwich there is not even fried. So clucking good!


:tired_face: Darn! They’re not doing them anymore! I’m particularly bummed after going on their website and reading about the quality of the meat they’re selling. Shoulda’ gone sooner. I’ll just have to go up there soon and buy some of they’re great meat.


i’m literally working above standings in the office building this week and stopped by for a sandwich and got the bad news…I guess they weren’t selling enough and a lot were going to waste. BUMMER because they were excellent.


Oh wow. Yep, that’s the story I got. It was cutting into their beef jerky sales and causing waste.


B. On The Go porchetta. In lieu of a side of chips I had a passion fruit coconut bostock.