Prague, anyone?


I have read about Lokal Dlouhá, and am planning a dinner there. Any other advice?

There appears to be an Asian inspired (but not particularly inspiring) place [Sansho] and a tasting menu place [Degustation] that get the most shoutouts for best food but don’t sound particularly great.
Happy to just drink beer and eat pub food - with the occasional duck meal - where is the best for that?


I would love that . And drinking the finest pilsners in the world ::beers:


It is Czech national food called Sviečkova, Duck is called Katchna.

Is very nice restaurant.

[The above was written my cousin visiting from Slovakia. She will text her boss later, who goes to Prague often. Hopefully more recs soon.]. :slight_smile:


WOW - thanks!


We ate at Sansho in '14 so I can’t comment on the current situation but it was SO wonderful at the time.


Anywhere else?


CH is so freaking hard to navigate these days but found another:


One more:


I think this is the last one!


deluccacheesemonger (?sp ) loved Degustation but that was a few years ago. It was more than we wanted to pay at the time and too much food.


Watch your back.