Prince Street Pizza


When I saw this thread I thought of your comment on the Slice thread. I’m very happy for you. :slight_smile:


That’s sweet! Thank you :pray:!


45 minutes. 13 grease chalices. 2 slices per person. $6.50 each. Glad i tried it. Wouldn’t wait for it again.

spicy spring - fra diavolo, spicy pepperoni, fresh mozzarella
Great thick, crispy crust. Thick pepperoni. Wish there was more grease in the cups.

prince perfection - fresh mozzarella, marinara
This was fine, crust seemed undercooked compared with the spicy spring.


$6.50 plus tax per slice? So over $7 each after tax?

I’m out. No slice is worth that much unless there are sexual favors thrown in from the server.


Ns1’s pizza parlour now open for business.

Slices - $6.50



Hit it at 4p today also, I liked it… will go back this weekend hopefully not a wait. I waited 30ish min. Enjoys it, pepperoni was excellent. Didn’t love the crust but wasn’t bad… would eat again.


If I went with someone to Prince Street pizza and we each had two slices for $26 plus tax I could instead take that $26 plus tax and get a whole pie and a couple of sodas at Grimaldi’s.

I’m willing to bet, price aside, that Grimaldi’s is better, too.

*Though I must admit it does look good


Wow was gonna go tomorrow. These pics might have changed my mind not waiting for 30 min to have greasy undercooked pizza :frowning:


Thanks for the report @PorkyBelly and saving us some time.