Prince Street Pizza


45 minutes. 13 grease chalices. 2 slices per person. $6.50 each. Glad i tried it. Wouldn’t wait for it again.

spicy spring - fra diavolo, spicy pepperoni, fresh mozzarella
Great thick, crispy crust. Thick pepperoni. Wish there was more grease in the cups.

prince perfection - fresh mozzarella, marinara
This was fine, crust seemed undercooked compared with the spicy spring.

paging @Sgee, @lapizzamaven, @Gr8pimpin, @Ns1


It seems all of NYC is coming to L.A. All except the one I want: White Castle.


I made an east coast pilgrimage based on a certain movie and my disappointment could not be contained. All I could taste was ketchup.

Man I’m not sure if I can make this work but if it’s even 90% of what it is in NY it’ll be great.


Is this pizza really that good?


Probably the best $4 you can spend in NYC


Oh, lordy, I know. Although I was a Krystal gal from Atlanta. We went out of our way to get “WCBs” in Queens a few years ago. But my lunch today was two frozen WCBs MWd. Really quite tasty.
Image result for white castle burgers


It’s good! Hopefully it travels well.


@J_L, I know it’s not the same but many grocery stores in SoCal sell White Castle burgers in frozen food section. Still tasty!


I’d be happier with an Artichoke pop-up.


I totally agree as I mentioned above. “It ain’t love but it ain’t bad.” :slight_smile:


Thanks, I know that (there’s a few boxes in our Subzero as I type)… And you’re right. Not the same.


If you had white castle L.A would rule the food world .


Yes. It’s insane. But I have my doubts about the quality translating in a pop up.


G-d bless you, @PorkyBelly!!


ha, ha!


In-situ (in Soho) it is fine but not worth the wait.
Just another place that owes its current cache to Foodavision and the need-to-Instagram more than deliciousness and local customers.


I think that’s a superb comment. I fear I see that here also. The whole trendiness, I want to be there first thing.


What slice? I thought the artichoke slices there were very dense with too thick crust. I never had a regular slice to be fair.


I hear the grandma as the one to get, at least that’s what my friends say


Sicilian slice and the crab slice (I’m in the minority on the crab slice, but I did enjoy it).