Reno trip report


Weekend in Reno, only my second time in the Biggest Little City. Staying at the Sands, we ate the in-house Mel’s Diner. Happily surprised with their classic cobb.

The next day we had lunch at Stone House. The menu had lots of tempting selections. Lovely patio. Enjoyed my smoked salmon omelette and biscuit side. My friend ordered the chicken fried steak and gravy over biscuits with their veggie black bean hash.

Dinner at the Peppermill’s Cafe Milano. Had a southwest chicken salad, friends shared fried chicken dinner plate. Fine if you’re at the casino. We mainly came to scope out the adjoining Fireside Lounge.

Last meal at the Nugget to try their “Awful Awful” burger, voted Reno’s best burger (don’t remember by who!) 1/2 lb with lettuce, red onion, tomato, iceberg, and 1000 island on an onion bun. With the biggest pile of fries ever. Good, meaty flavor and plenty juicy. Cooked on a well-seasoned flat top. Thickly (seemingly fresh) ground beef. I hope I didn’t break a tooth on a piece of bone though, yikes. Despite the unwelcome hard crunch, stick with their burger. Someone else at the counter ordered the fried chicken dinner and had to send it back because the chicken was still frozen inside. Their servers and cooks were awesome…no nonsense but with plenty of jokes and stories.


How much did you win . I’ve had the burger. I enjoy that small casino.


No gambling this time around. We were in Reno for a music event. I love the older Casinos - The Nugget sign is just great. Sad to see so many close or go into disrepair.